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Instantly verify holders’ certificates and licenses at the point of use. Those with a defined requirement to know for certain that someone attending a location is in possession of an authentic certificate, qualification or work history. This might include construction sites, factories – work-related certificates, or pubs or nursing homes for COVID vaccination certificates.

Repple provides a platform for users to upload documents, licenses and certificates and have them validated by the issuing body or authority. The issuing body receives a validation request in the Repple platform including all the details of the qualification. They validate the identity and integrity of the document. Once validated by the issuing body, the holder receives a notification that their digitally signed document has been added to their wallet on their Repple app on their smartphone. This could be any document from a COVID vaccination certificate to a health and safety training certificate. This document is now available to share. The holder can choose to share this validation - this could be on entry to a building or a worksite. The person validated scans the holder's Repple app and receives a confirmation that whatever document was being checked is real and in-date (or not). They can do this without caring any personal information with the person checking.

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NCC Group of Companies in Abu Dhabi

Staff competency management and social impact analysis
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