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Currently around 1.5 billion people lack access to drinkable water.  An average person uses up to 80-90% of their daily water consumption from their faucets and WCs. Our water saving solutions like Altered Nozzle saves about 95% water from the faucets giving you an efficient way to hand wash. Also our solution called Propelair, saves about 84% water from a conventional WC by using a mixture of Air and water for each flush making it the most water efficient WC which is also the most hygiene WC.

Current water consumption, Type of audience, Required quantity, specification of the current product or the required product.

Client references

ADNOC in Abudhabi

They are the national Oil and gas supplier of UAE. They have multiple offshore and onshore entities where the supply of water and waste collection are a major commodity as they have accommodations on the offshore plants.
'- We provided them with samples for testing purposes - After verification of the performance and compatibility - We supplied them with 305 units of our product with 0.3LPM - They have installed it in their staff accommodation and working sites
'- They were able to save about 10% of their entire consumption. - Which led them to a huge cost savings

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