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Improving business performance is a key concern in every market. Schneider Electric can help you reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and increase equipment lifespan. We can also support you in tracking and reporting on carbon emissions to let you meet regulatory compliance.

Schneider Electric provides integrated solutions for the residential, commercial, buildings and Industry & Infrastructure markets. Now, you can build a long-lasting energy strategy for growing performance and profitability while preserving the environment. Save more than the planet. Make the most of your energy Schneider Electric has a comprehensive offer for residential, building, energy and infrastructure markets with Energy Efficiency solutions that help you turn energy savings into growth! Our four-step approach is a way to target successful energy efficiency projects: - Measure energy use to identify potential savings areas - Install low consumption equipment and systems - Improve long term use by developing automation management, consulting, training and tracking resources while maintaining high equipment performance. - Continuously analyse energy savings thorough maintenance, supervision and monitoring.

Client references

Hilton Garden Inn in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates

The largest Hilton Garden Inn outside the U.S. is now one of Hilton’s most efficient and sustainable hotels. By integrating the building, guest room, and property management systems, Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Mall of the Emirates was able to increase both operational efficiency and energy efficiency, while achieving guest satisfaction far above benchmark.
Hilton chose the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Building solution, which includes a building management system, EcoStruxure Building Operation, and a guest room management system, EcoStruxure Guest Room Expert. Integrating Schneider’s building management (BMS) and guest room management systems (GRMS) with Hilton’s property management system (PMS) on a single technology platform was crucial to Hilton achieving its goals. They wanted to do their part in combating climate change, and to have a facility that was both operationally and energy efficient, all while maintaining their high standard for guest satisfaction. The hotel was awarded LEED Gold Certification and actually opened ahead of schedule. The end result is an entire, integrated energy management system preparing for and accommodating guests with the proper temperatures in their room at all times, while lowering energy costs for the hotel.
• Monitor and control all guest rooms • Manage individual rooms, or the entire network of rooms • Monitor and manage energy usage • Automated energy management can achieve energy savings of 25% – 44% through occupancy detection, set point configuration, and temperature standby • Operators can identify rooms that are out of temperature range and troubleshoot, avoiding energy waste • View and manage room conditions and equipment such as occupancy, temperature, humidity, HVAC, curtains, DND/MUR, door, and window status • Troubleshoot problems remotely and perform proactive maintenance

Mondelez Bahrain Factory in Hidd, Bahrain

Mondelez's latest factory in the region, a 250,000 square meter facility that produces family favorites including Barni and Oreo brands, is using Schneider Electric technology to efficiently monitor and help reduce the company’s use of electricity, water, and natural gas at its Bahrain factory.
Mondelez chose to implement Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Resource Advisor software. Through capturing and analyzing data from the factory’s operations, EcoStruxure Resource Advisor gives the facility’s management a real-time view of energy and water usage, allowing them to compare this data with their sustainability targets and benchmark against other Mondelez factories worldwide. The software, which can collect and combine data points from meters, energy and building management systems, electrical equipment, utility providers and other sources, provides insights into energy and water usage that will help identify how the factory can be made more energy and water-efficient. In addition, the company’s sustainability teams have access to a library of templates for reporting frameworks, such as CDP, GRESB and GRI, and can map data to multiple frameworks that require similar information. Leveraging the power of Resource Advisor, sustainability, finance and energy teams can collaborate, identify inefficiencies and drive performance using a common, clean data set.
Real-time view of energy, water and gas usage throughout the entire facility. The ability to benchmark any facility against other sites across the world, to further resource optimization. The ability to match sustainability KPIs and identify outliers/opportunities with cloud-based software that scales with the business. Simple mapping of the data to sustainability reporting frameworks such as CDP, GRESB and GRI. Identify key sustainability insights clearly, concisely and with confidence that empowers decision-making and inspires action on plans and projects. User communities help you enhance collaboration on resource initiatives and energy efficiency projects across your portfolio. EcoStruxure Resource Advisor complements your existing infrastructure and energy management systems.

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