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Product description

Energy efficiency as a contributor to success
Climate protection, efficient use of resources, rising energy costs, new supply models, and strict environmental regulations: For all these goals, energy is a decisive competitive factor, whatever the industry. There is therefore no alternative to increasing energy efficiency. A great challenge – but also a great opportunity. Because by making plants more energy-efficient, companies can also achieve considerable cost savings.

Energy efficiency in production – in reality
Energy-efficient production means more than simply reducing energy consumption, CO₂ emissions, or costs – it also involves linking energy and production data in order to analyze and optimize not only energy consumption but also the energy productivity of machines, plants, and processes. These measures provide the opportunity to achieve all-round improvements in process productivity and efficiency.

The question: Do two similar machines consume different amounts of energy? The question: I would like to purchase a new machine. How can I compare the consumption performance of the machines on offer and reduce energy consumption that does not contribute to added value? The question: How can I identify the savings potential in my operations, optimize my contract with the energy supplier, reduce my tax payments, and benefit from state subsidies? We have the answers. High energy consumption places companies under increasing regulatory and cost pressure. Discover how we can help you meet ever stricter legal requirements, find out what products and solutions we are already using today to shape the energy-efficient production processes of tomorrow, and identify available financial support options.

Client references

Clariant in Germany

Fine chemicals
Greater transparency in energy consumption with SIMATIC Energy Manager Verification of efficiency measures, such as replacing the control system of the steam boilers
A 15% increase in energy efficiency by 2020, compared to 2010 figures

Pikolin in Spain

Plastics processing
ISO 50001-compliant energy management that helps reduce energy consumption and costs Extensive analyses supporting optimization measures
Overall reduction in energy consumption per square meter

Brau Union in Germany

Scalable cross-plant energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 Detailed and clear energy reports based on current data, every 15 minutes
Energy consumption 0.6% lower each year

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