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Grundfos is a global water technology company committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people. Our strategic journey represents our ambition to do whatever is in our power to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular 6 and 13.
Grundfos water solutions today are among the most advanced on the market and we pride ourselves on the fact that every innovative solution is brought to life by thousands of dedicated employees. Grundfos pumps are manufactured in accordance with the ISO standards just as we are determined to exceed environmental standards. It is important to us that our innovative solutions do not only benefit the user but are also easy on the environment. And we achieve that by always thinking ahead before we develop and market a new product.

In partnership with Globally, we are focused on providing energy efficient solutions to the end users in both new builds and retrofit. This includes our complimentary offering “Grundfos Energy Check”. An Energy Check from Grundfos gives you an overview of the life-cycle costs (LCC) of one or more pumps and pumping system, facilitating decisions on pump retrofit and controller upgrade. The Energy Check is carried out by a Grundfos personnel by a walkthrough audit. This will not affect the operation of the system. During this survey, details such as pump nameplate, motor nameplate, pressure gauge, control panel and SCADA will be noted. The final report gives a complete overview of the system with parameters such as energy savings, cost saving, investment, ROI and CO2 emission reduction. This is a turnkey offering where Grundfos provides end-to-end solution that includes audit-design-supply-install-commission.

Client references

Danish Crown in Denmark

Danish Crown AmbA is a Danish food manufacturer in Denmark, dealing primarily in meat processing of pork and beef. It is Europe's largest pork producer. Through its subsidiaries, known as the Danish Crown Group, it is also involved in a long list of other food products. It is Europe's largest pork-processing company and Denmark's largest beef-processing company, as well as its single largest agricultural exporter.
The existing cooling process had 4 variable speed pumps in manual operation and no monitoring. With Grundfos iSOLUTIONS MONITOR, Danish Crown has a solution that monitors its pumps and pump systems for the most common issues. Compared to traditional condition monitoring solutions, it provides instant conclusions that can prevent potential downtime with predictive maintenance features
'- Automated system with easy operation - 30% reduced OPEX - Predictive maintenance that offers lower downtime

Taka Solutions in Dubai

Taka Solutions is a technology, engineering and finance company that uses vendor agnostic engineering to deliver comprehensive energy efficiency and technology upgrades to optimize building energy use.
Taka Solutions worked with Grundfos to determine the problems around the existing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) pumping systems. A Grundfos Energy Check determined that the buildings were equipped with oversized pumps, inefficient operation and poor balancing in their constant, primary chiller systems. The pumps ran at constant speed. The Delta-T (the temperature difference between the supply and return chilled water) was only 1 degree Celsius – which in a building’s chilling system means extreme inefficiency. Thus, Grundfos recommended changing to close-coupled, end-suction pumps with variable frequency drives – intelligent NB-E pumps. These could provide the exact flow requirements to the chillers without wastage and improve the Delta-T to five degrees Celsius. A simple, turnkey solution.
Pumping Energy Savings: 1) Indigo Tower - 80% 2) Green Tower - 57% 3) Falcon Tower - 46%

Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Denmark

Located in Singapore, Block 22 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is a mixed-use building housing a cafeteria, sports hall, student lounges and office spaces. The building was finished in 2014 and runs on a third-party BMS with a constant load profile. Its total cooling area is approximately 6000 m².
Grundfos worked with EWTCOI to retrofit the system with Distributed Pumping, which places smart pumps throughout the building to automatically adjust the flow for the required cooling load. This promises to save at least 50% on the chilled water pumping power and optimize system performance at all times. During operations, the Distributed Pumps continuously measure the air duct temperature and automatically adjust their pumping speed to achieve the desired temperature. The system auto balances any load, providing optimal comfort for tenants. Block 22’s baseline system with balance and control valves had a Delta T of 5.3°C. The retrofitted Grundfos system with Distributed Pumps increased Delta T by 28%. Avoiding the valves reduced pumping power from 9.4 kW to 4.3 kW, resulting in a total pump energy savings of 54%.
'- Reduced pump energy from 9.4 kW to 4.3 kW - Increased delta T by 28% - Total pump energy savings 54%

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