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We deliver building Performance and Advisory Services that maximize building efficiency while minimizing operating costs and reducing the ecological footprint. By improving buildings performance, we create perfect places for people to work, to live, to learn or to play. And for organizations to fulfill their mission.

To understand building/ client savings potential we start with collecting main building data (energy bills, Assets information). Siemens Energy team analyze building data and develop best optimism energy conservation measures to be implemented. EPC contract to be signed by both parties including committed savings and ROI details.

Client references

WAFI Mall & Residences in Dubai

Opened in 1991, WAFI Mall is a large, luxurious shopping, entertainment and leisure complex in Dubai. It includes an upscale shopping mall with over 350 stores and 30 restaurants, a 5-star luxury hotel and an underground market with magnificent Arabian architecture.
Thanks to a long and positive partner-ship, MKM Commercial Holdings, the holding company for the WAFI Mall, decided in favor of the Demand Flow solution from Siemens for its energy optimization project. As a holistic approach for optimizing the entire chilled water system, Demand Flow’s specialized algorithms can deliver chilled water system efficiencies to any existing building automation system. The implementation of Demand Flow was completed in July 2014. Guaran-teed annual savings are $439,000. In addition to guaranteed annual savings, the performance of the entire chilled water system has been improved and its operation has been made easier. The web-based service platform Navi-gator from Siemens is used for system access. Navigator handles data acquisition, outputs energy profiles and displays detailed information about equipment operating parameters. The data is collected and aggregated by Desigo Insight.
Lowering the overall energy consumption has allowed WAFI Mall to meet its medium-term goal of reducing primary energy costs and associated expenses. In addition, the project saves 1,800 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. There has been a 40% reduction in cooling energy, resulting in savings of over AED 3 million per year.

Dubai Airport Freezone in Dubai

The Dubai Airport Freezone is a state-of-the-art business park in the United Arab Emirates that provides a perfect place where businesses are free to grow. Established in 1996, Dubai Airport Freezone quickly became an ideal base for conducting business in the Middle East. From business setup, to administrative and operational services, to office space, Dubai Airport Freezone is a one-stop shop for new and existing clients. Today, Dubai Airport Freezone boasts 15 office buildings with more than 1,600 clients, including many Fortune 500 firms. Two new buildings are under construction. In addition to fully customizable office space, the complex also offers warehouses and light industrial units.
Smartest buildings in the region Dubai Airport Freezone chose the building management platform Desigo CC to meet its goals of having the latest technology and an integrated platform for its different building systems. Data is a crucial element of such a solution. As part of system modernization begun in 2013, Siemens migrated 9,600 data points on automation level. The current transition to Desigo CC calls for the migration of another 42,000 legacy data points. Working together, Dubai Airport Freezone and Siemens turn this building data into opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. The number of installed systems is vast ‒ and the necessity that they be interlinked and communicate with each other is a prerequisite for business optimization and improving efficiency. As a result, the traditional management station as a silo monitoring solution is no longer sufficient. Integrating all disciplines into one management platform becomes a must.
Throughout the years this has meant a continuous modern-ization of existing systems to the latest technology, a goal of Dubai Airport Freezone’s management to reduce energy costs. The results have been remarkable. For example, Dubai Airport Freezone was able to reduce costs on electric-ity and water from AED 34 million in 2010 to AED 20 million in 2017. Dubai Airport Freezone accomplished this AED 14 million reduction despite the fact that new buildings came online during this period. All in all, DAFZ has achieved energy savings of 35% thanks to Siemens solutions. “Siemens has helped us in every energy saving activity,” Wilfred said. “They have given us very good solutions, particularly Demand FlowTM, the patented solution from Siemens for chiller plant optimization. Now we are going with DesigoTM CC as a new technology.” Currently Dubai Airport Freezone’s building systems are being modernized to the building management platform Desigo CC. 48% reduction in CO2 emissions , 41% savings

American Hospital in Dubai

Established in 1996 with the goal of providing world-class medical service to the community. The 252-bed, acute care, general medical/surgical private hospital has state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced team of healthcare professionals specialized in more than 40 medical and surgical specialties assuring comprehensive care.
Siemens Eps Developed Energy conservation measured targeting client energy bills through various engineering solutions including Chiller Optimization with Demand Flow, variable pressure control logic on the chilled water plant which reduces energy consumption and increases system deliverable tonnage. Valve Replacement Remote Monitoring – To monitor & analyse energy consumption, EMC Software Tool Navigator was installed. This tool is capable of collecting & displaying energy data from installed meters.
30% cost savings in electricity and water consumption is achieved by Siemens through proposed technical solutions and energy conservation measure.

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