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Product description

SIEMENS PSE offers a suite of applications under the name gUTILTIES to monitor, manage and optimize energy consumption. A digital twin of the utility system will be built in gUTILITIES, validated and connected online. This technology has been deployed for different types of plants such refineries or chemical plants. Plants consume fuels, electricity and steam in time-varying quantities, and via multiple routes. The process plants themselves can generate steam and fuels, electricity can be sold to the grid and the prices of the various components can change hourly. Added to this complexity are day-to-day changes in major equipment availability. Given the large number of degrees of freedom, optimization is a challenging task. gUTILITIES applies rigorous optimization technology to process models of the utility system, taking into account demands, prices and availability, to find the economically optimal operating profile for any situation.

gUTILITIES employs state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to deliver higher cost reductions than current tools, while fast execution speed allows a larger number of scenarios to be considered, increasing the effectiveness of energy management teams. The critical input data that would be required from a client would be: 1) Plant data for utility consumption 2) Current utility sources Based on the above, and other factors such as utility costs, gUTILITIES can provide the following key benefits: 1) Optimum equipment on/off decisions 2) Optimum equipment load allocation (exploit differences in efficiency) 3) Reduced off gas flaring/steam venting 4) Ability to establish optimum operation fast (also after changes in utility loads or plant upsets) Through customer experience, gUTILITIES has been able to provide > 2-5% energy improvement for previously optimized plants and up to 10-15% energy improvement for unoptimized plants. The expected return-on-investment for the client is <9 months.

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