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Masader is an interdisciplinary design and engineering corporate sustainability firm, based in Cairo, aiming at leveraging positive impact across the MENA region and globally. We specialise in resource efficiency, sustainable management of natural resources and integrated sustainability solutions. Since 2015, Masader has led key national and international projects across the areas of energy, environmental & waste management, climate change & carbon footprint, circular economy, green building, advanced tech & IoT, as well as corporate sustainability strategies, reporting and certification. Our strategic approach helps companies to embark on a confident path towards sustainability, starting from an initial assessment and planning to elegant reporting and communication of their efforts. Masader has strategic partnerships with key players within the global sustainability landscape, is an accredited CDP services provider, a public supporter of TCFD and a member of the GRI Community.

To start a project, please send us your request to or 1- Company Brief Description 2- Focal person details: Name, email and phone number 2- List of services requested 3- Timeline or Deadline (if applicable) Upon your submission, Masader team will revert back with a comprehensive technical and financial proposal with a suggested preliminary timeline within 7 working days. Upon scope of work agreement, a detailed workplan will be submitted to client. Note: There might be a possibility of requesting for a preliminary meeting and data, prior to Masader's technical and financial proposal submission.

Client references

Commercial Intl' Bank of Egypt (CIB) in EGYPT

CIB is Egypt’s leading private sector bank, offering a broad range of financial products and services to its customers, including enterprises of all sizes, institutions, households and high-net worth individuals. CIB strives to provide superior financial solutions to meet all customers’ needs. Having the strongest brand equity rightfully places CIB as the bank of choice for over 500 of Egypt’s largest corporations. CIB shows tremendous potential within the bourgeoning Retail and SME Banking markets. Through its superior management, high-operating standards, corporate governance best practices and training programs, CIB has succeeded in becoming the most profitable commercial bank operating in Egypt for more than 40 years.
Masader has offered CIB a wide range of corporate sustainability services since 2017. 1- Carbon Footprint Reports (First in the banking sector in Egypt) 2- Life-Cycle Assessment of CIB Credit and Debit cards (First in Egypt) 3- Climate Policy 4- Carbon Footprint Management System 5- CDP Questionnaire (First in the banking sector in Egypt) 6- Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Small and Medium Enterprises (borrowing SMEs) 7- Energy Management System for CIB HQ 8- Ecological Footprint Report (First in Egypt)
Delivered: Strategies, Policies, Action Plan with ESG metrics, Disclosures and Reports

Elsewedy Electric Group in EGYPT

Elsewedy Electric started as a manufacturer of electrical components in Egypt 80 years ago, and has evolved into a global provider of energy, digital and infrastructure solutions with a turnover of EGP 46.6 billion in 2019. Listed on the Cairo stock exchange since 2006, we operate in five key business sectors: Wire & Cable , Electrical Products, Engineering & Construction, Smart Infrastructure and Infrastructure Investments. At the heart of our approach is an all-in-one integrated Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) service which enables us to deliver even the most complex projects on time and within budget.
Masader offered Elsewedy Electric a suite of sustainability services that allowed the group to holistically integrate ESG data management, sustainability policy and strategy and disclosures to streamline processes, as well as ensure compliance with relevant frameworks and effective implementation. The work was broken down into key deliverables, which fed into one another with data and insights and helped meet submissions of CDP, Ecovadis, Morgan Stanley and DJSI disclosures. 1- GRI 2018-2019 Sustainability Report 2- ESG Management System 3- Sustainability Strategy and Policies 4- Carbon Footprint Report 5- Carbon Footprint Management System 6- ECOVADIS 7- CDP 8- Climate Change Target Setting - Morgan Stanley
Delivered: Strategies, Policies, Action Plan with ESG metrics, Disclosures and Reports

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in EGYPT

The EBRD is owned by 69 countries, as well as the European Union and the European Investment Bank. The EBRD is committed to furthering progress towards ‘market-oriented economies and the promotion of private and entrepreneurial initiative’ - across three continents. This has been its guiding principle since its creation at the beginning of the 1990s and, new challenges and the welcoming of new countries to the EBRD world notwithstanding, will continue to be its mission in years to come. In Egypt they focus on modernising the financial sector, developing the agribusiness sector and municipal and infrastructure projects, while upgrading transport and telecommunications services.
"Towards a circular economy: closing the loop resource management for SMEs in Egypt" As a Resource Efficiency Consulting firm as well as Circular Economy experts, we were assigned by EBRD Egypt to conduct two webinar series as part of a broader program entitled “Circular Economy in Egypt – Roadmap,” EBRD launched its first program phase of raising awareness and knowledge among two essential stakeholders: SMEs and Agribusiness’ on resource management in the circular economy. Each group was provided with a tailored webinar that will cover 1- Global and local circularity challenges, 2- Transition from Traditional Linear to New Circular Economy, 3 - Key approaches, strategies and tools for implementing circular economy 4 – Case Studies and 5 - Frameworks that help to support and steer circular economy. Masader delivered 1-on-1 consulting sessions and conducted Waste & Energy Management site visits to design tailored solutions depending on business' needs (factory, product, office, land)
The webinar was tailored to provide companies with a complete understanding of the process of circularity transitions, including (1) Awareness, (2) Materiality Identification & Sustainability Strategy; (3) Engineering/Resource Efficiency solutions & Sustainability Action Plan; (4) Reporting, Communication & Certification; (5) Building capacities for sustaining achieved improvements. Additional 1-on-1 consultancy and site-visits conducted to several companies to help them better optimize their resources at all product life-cycle phases as well helping the SMEs and Agribusiness' optimize their use of resources and operational costs and strategically maximize their profit by ensuring their business' best long-term ROI on their carbon and sustainability opportunities among their stakeholders from all the benefits that it brings.

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