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Product description

At Winnow, we help the food service and hospitality industry cut down on food waste by making the kitchen smarter.

With Winnow Vision, our AI-enabled tool, kitchens can automatically track food waste. Winnow Vision uses computer vision to help chefs easily pinpoint waste, cut costs and save time. The system takes photos of wasted food as it’s thrown away and, using the images, the machine trains itself to recognise what has been thrown in the bin. This means that, over time, food will be thrown in the bin and the data will be captured automatically. This increases data accuracy and ease of use.

We request our clients to fill our a brief property survey outlining details of their business operations. This includes data such as the nature of their operations, budgeted/annual food cost, food cost as a percentage of sales, number of covers, F&B Service types, meals per day etc. Once we receive this client information, we prepare a proposal and an ROI analysis estimate based on the data and comparable Winnow data.

Client references

Armani Hotel Dubai in Dubai

With the help of Winnow's technology, the hotel’s culinary team is now able to automatically measure what gets thrown away and receive actionable data that help chefs reduce overproduction.
• The team reduced their food waste by 47% • This is equivalent of saving 117,000 meals from the bin • Curbing food waste has also positively impacted the hotel’s bottom line: the estimated yearly savings are of AED 148,000


Retail / Quick Service Restaurants
With its Food Is Precious initiative, IKEA aimed to cut food waste by 50% by the end of August 2020. To reach the target, IKEA UK&IE brought Winnow Vision into its kitchens to fight food waste with AI. Using a camera, a set of smart scales and the same type of machine learning technology found in autonomous vehicles, Winnow Vision ‘learns’ to recognise different foods being thrown in the bin and calculates the financial and environmental cost of this discarded food to commercial kitchens. Based on feedback from Winnow Vision, IKEA food co-workers were able to identify the top three weekly errors and focus on fixing them to reduce waste. Also, based on the insight from the Winnow Vision system, they were able to adjust their production level according to avoid overproduction.
Winnow and IKEA UK&IE have been working on testing Winnow Vision since October 2017. To date, with Winnow Vision, IKEA UK&IE has achieved great results: 37% Food waste cut by value across all stores 800k Number of meals saved in 2018 £1.4m Cost savings in 2018

Compass Singapore in Dubai

Foodservice Establishment
Compass Group has been a key partner since Winnow was launched in 2013. We have worked together to develop a technology that has the power to transform commercial kitchens by reducing food waste. Our partnership is delivering at scale with over 260 sites having adopted the Winnow system. Compass Group Singapore has started to fight food waste in 2016 by implementing Winnow’s revolutionary technology at a pilot site. The technology helps chefs measure, monitor and dramatically reduce food waste. Kelvin Cha, Head of Culinary at Compass Group Singapore shares, “Technology is part of culinary. Winnow has brought us a good education on how we look into waste in a proper way and will help Compass Group become more sustainable.”
By measuring and managing food waste with Winnow, Compass Group Singapore has seen incredible results: The Compass Group Singapore’s site has reduced food waste by 55% Curbing food waste has also positively impacted the Group's bottom line: the estimated yearly savings are of 60,000 SGD

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