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Product description

The Twister is a 3rd generation VERTICAL CYCLONIC SEPARATOR Patented technology developed by using DRYCAKE’s 25-year separation technology experience.
The Twister is designed for the food waste unpacking solution and is the most versatile available on the market. The Twister unpacks and separates contaminants from food waste to be processed for composting and anaerobic digestion facilities. Twister is designed to be the most versatile Depackager on the market, Twister produces clean organics from any type of waste: organic fraction of solid waste, source-separated organics, ICI, bio-waste from catering, supermarket, bakery, canned goods, plastic and glass packaging. Twister has a separation process line for every application. The Twister is more than a Depackager, it is a complete process solution to guarantee pure, plastic-free organics soup.

Depositing organic waste in landfills will be phased out in upcoming years. Local cities and national and international policies will prevent landfilling organics. As it is a new technology to resolve this issue, the demand will be increased with the passage of time. Our primary clients will be restaurants waste, animal food residential food waste and commercial food waste, supermarkets waste, and ICI industrial waste, municipalities, and governments. The key information we needed from the clients will be: How many tons of waste do they want to process in a year or in a day? e.g., 20,000 tons /year or 100 tons /day What is the type of waste they want to process? Do they want to rent out the machine or want to purchase it? We will access our clients through social media campaigns, advertisements, attending different environmental conferences, taking part in exhibitions, and hosting pilot plants for machinery.

Client references

North State Rendering Co., Inc. in P. O. Box 239 Durham, CA, 95938

Anaerobic Digestion for food waste, restaurants waste, Organic waste.
DryCake designed the machine with appropriate dimensions and the unit has been operating satisfactory since the summer of 2019.
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

SISTEMAS PARA AGUA Y DRENAJE DE MEXICO, in Rafael Nájera 2124, Col. Martínez, Monterrey, N.L. México

We had the need for a mobile unit in order to have the treatment of the source-separated organics and the food waste in a separate location.
Mobile Uni was installed in December 2018 and has been operating with no major maintenance costs.

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