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Product description

Solarstone develops, produces and distributes building-integrated solar solutions that replaces the traditional roofing and facade materials.

Solarstone products have been designed in a way that these can be replaced instead of standard roofing and facade material, enabling the roof and facade to be weatherproof and produce energy.

The problem Solarstone is solving is the fact that while the world has taken the direction #gogreen then under the label a lot of resources is being wasted since current solar panels require a standard roof or facade underneath it to guarantee the water tightness. Solarstone thanks to it’s design can reduce the usage of material by 50%. That’s HUGE:

Construction companies, solar installers, and architects who are looking for aesthetical solar solutions that can be integrated into the building and which design looks great, will preferably highly value Solarstone solutions. Solarstone works with local distributors and solar integrators that introduce Solarstone solutions on the market and build turnkey solutions.

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