Product description

Our planet is suffering from plastic littering but the issue is not about plastic as a material but how we use and dispose of it. One of the reasons is the behaviour of consumers.
ZeLoop empowers institutions and businesses to educate and incentivize consumers on eco-friendly gestures for a litter-free world.
Our solution is composed of a mobile phone application that will reward consumers for collecting plastic bottles.
The application is built on our in-house reward engine that serves as a platform where other eco-friendly applications rewarding citizens can be connected in a suite of solutions for sustainability and environment protection. The system is universal, it directs consumers to crowd sourced points of collection managed by third parties.
The only thing users have to do to get a reward is :
– Gather used plastic bottles
– Drop them at collection points
– Upload a picture of deposited bottles on the app
– Win tokens to get exciting rewards!

With the application, we are providing businesses the possibility to link their CSR strategy to an action that matters to end-users: fighting plastic pollution. There are two touchpoints for the brand : - Eco mission are time-limited challenges sponsored by the brand rewarding the best collectors It can be used for employee engagement programs or brand visibility toward consumers - Marketplace where users can redeem the tokens they have earned against discount vouchers by the partners The reward engine has been designed to allow its use as a platform for other mobile or web applications that would need reward an eco-friendly gesture, for instance collecting other recyclables like batteries or e-waste, utility reduction programs like electricity or water.

Client references

Bee'ah in Sharjah

Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest-growing environmental management company, was founded in 2007, with the objective of creating a sustainable future, through creative and resourceful solutions.
We have integrated Bee’ah Rewards program in ZeLoop application with monthly Eco missions, challenges that reward the best collectors of used plastic bottles in the UAE. Eco Missions drive the engagement of citizens to not litter and bring back plastic bottles for recycling. Top collectors win prizes such as vouchers, phones, or even staycations. Together we turn waste into gold to change behaviors toward a more sustainable life
'- Over 1000 collections points mapped - Average of 200 bottles collected per month per participant to the Eco Mission. - Brand visibility.

Nestlé in Dubai

Nestlé is the world's largest food & beverage company. Nestlé unlocks the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.
Nestlé is moving towards a waste-free future and is determined to look at every option to solve the complex plastic waste challenge and embrace multiple solutions that can have an impact now. Nestlé understands collective action is vital, which is why it is engaging consumers, business partners, and all Nestlé employees to play their part. In partnership with Zeloop as it supports our strategy to drive new behavior among people, reduce plastic leakage into the environment, and champion the Circular Economy, a challenge; the Nestle® Pure Life® Eco mission has been launched for 6 weeks to encourage all people in the UAE to visit their nearest plastic bottle deposit point, droop any plastic water bottle. Over 40000 bottles have been collected.
'- Awareness campaign reaching several million viewers on social media - Average 200bottles collected per month per participants

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