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More than adding greenery to urban developments – Green Urbanisation is about mimicking or working with the natural water cycle, which can often be hugely disrupted in urban areas due to vast impermeable surfaces. A water management approach like this delivers multifunctional benefits that help reduce the impact of climate change while improving the health and wellbeing of city residents. Put simply, there can be no green without blue. Flood mitigation, rainwater storage, reusable resources and innovative ways to encourage trees, vegetation and biodiversity should all be a part of a project design. Sustainable City Benefits; Better green space using less water, Healthier, stronger plants & vegetation, Reduced sewer/network loads
(reduced water & energy consumption), Stormwater run-off management, Water is seen as a gift instead of a waste.

Clients: Developers, Consultants, Retrofit, Sustainability firms, Recreational Areas Information: Ability to reuse water, ability to have a green roof, stage of the project, landscape areas

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