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Our first product is Literacy Coach, we use the world’s only AI & eye-tracking based literacy assessment and intervention to address the pressing global literacy challenge and elevate reading attainment levels of staff and employees. Our second product is Blue-Collar workforce development to f employability and leadership skills for analogue and online environments. We solve literary issues at the national level to helping organizations up-skill their blue-collar workforce, we have seen our education platforms uplift communities around the region and we hope to keep bringing this mission to life.

Mirai Partners, we bring a collective experience of 40 + years in the education technology and K-12 space. From leading growth at StartEd, NYU's ed-tech accelerator, to heading innovation at one of the world's largest K-12 service providers, including leading digital transformation for schools and companies across the region - identifying the right ed tech has been one of our key remits. Our Client Proposal Process: - Initial Meeting & Discussions with the client - Needs Analysis and Strategic Insight Report is sent to the client - Second Meeting and Discussion - Our Proposal is sent to the client - The agreement is done between the two entities. For collaboration, Contact our Co-founder, Nyla Khan: Nyla@miraipartners.co

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EFS Facilities Services is a regional leader in delivering integrated facilities management services across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. For more than 20 years, EFS is well-acknowledged by all for providing quality services to some of the biggest regional names including leading multinationals in the region. Since 2009, the company has expanded its diversified clientele through its comprehensive services offering across the region.
To further support employee progression, EFS has invested our literacy development program for blue-collar employees. Over the past three months, EFS has engaged our Learning Innovation consultancy, to assess the literacy levels and design a data-driven instructional program. This ambitious and purposeful initiative has brought the power of AI and intensive intervention to people development.
Our reading attainment assessment has shown that Blue-collar staff at EFS read at an average Grade 1 level. For their career progression, we recommended supporting staff to reach a Grade 2 level. A minority of employees were not yet reading in English, while others demonstrated fluent decoding and comprehension skills. Almost all blue-collar employees assessed benefited from instruction on reading, writing, speaking, and listening – skills included in the literacy program framework shared with the EFS L&D department. By the end of our intervention, positive results were shown and all staff have their reading attainment levels tremendously increased.

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Metdist Capital is the private investment company founded by the Bagri Family. It invests in both public, private equities and high yield debt across a number of sectors including consumer goods, technology enabled businesses, education, financial services and hospitality. Metdist can take both majority and minority stakes in target companies, as appropriate. Its value add comes from its entrepreneurial culture, business building experience and extensive network of global contacts.
The Metdist group aimed diversify its portfolio by investing in the edutainment and ed-tech industry. Azoomee is a product that promises x4 returns over the next few years, EIS tax relief, and a subscription model with growing global reach powered big industry partnerships. This a product that will sustain itself in the already crowded global ed-tech & edutainment market. We provided them with a comprehensive overview and analysis of Azoome's potential in the market.
We provided them with a comprehensive overview and analysis of Azoome's potential in the market, including: • The market opportunity rationale. • A sanity check of the business model, specifically commercial partnerships. • Views on the content library. • Views on front-end technology • Assessment of competitors.

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