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Product description

COOL-R is a liquid applied, highly reflective waterproofing membrane with SRI 107, that reduces roof temperature by nearly 70%, with a concurrent decrease of internal temperature of up to 10°C. The basic and distinctive features of COOL-R system is high reflectance (86%) and high emissivity (0.85), this solves the overheating problem of the building, cuts energy demand as it reduces the need for air-conditioning, generating real savings for building owners. Cool-R is also a 100% waterproofing, that prevents from leaks, ageing and extends the lifetime of the roof with 10 years+.

In partnership with SELENA F.M. S.A. having over 25 years experience in waterproofing, we would like to offer energy efficient solution for new and existing buildings exposed to extreme temperatures, especially in Middle East. COOL-R innovative product addressed to the roofing sector marks a breakthrough in construction as it creates new value by e.g. improving the comfort of life and work for people. It also increases safety as it allows optimal thermal conditions to be maintained in industrial and storage facilities. The product has a positive effect on the natural environment as it limits electricity demand and emission of pollutants and CO2 to the atmosphere. COOL-R has already been used with success in over 20 countries worldwide.

Client references

LULU Hypermarkets in Qatar

LULU GROUP INTERNATIONAL (LuLu Group) is a highly diversified conglomerate with successful business entities in strategic locations worldwide. Founded by the acclaimed business visionary Yusuff Ali M.A, LuLu Group has become a key contributor in the Gulf region’s economic standing with an annual turnover worth USD 7.4 billion. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it is a world-renowned purveyor of an international business portfolio that ranges from hypermarket operations to shopping mall development, manufacturing and trading of goods, hospitality assets, and real estate. LuLu Group mainly operates in 22 countries located across the Middle East, Asia, US, and Europe.
Waterproofing of existing steel sheet and concrete roofs in various hypermarkets across Qatar with use of COOL-R system.
LULU Hypermarket Gharrafa, Doha - Qatar - 5,150 m2 LULU Hypermarket Al Hilal, Doha - Qatar - 1,800 m2 LULU Hypermarket Ezdan Oasis, Al Wukair - Qatar - 1,250 m2 LULU Hypermarket Bin Mahmoud, Doha - Qatar - 3,250 m2 TOTAL AREA: 11,450 m2

Central Fish Market - MercaMadrid in Spain

Founded in November 1982 by Emir Muhammed. It’s the largest fish market in Europe and the second largest in the world. Spain is a hub for seafood and this market represents the passion Spain takes in its cuisine. There is options for everyone at MercaMadrid. You are bound to find something you like within the 150,000 tons of seafood, fruits, vegetables, and poultry available at your fingertips. Planes and trains bring in the products at 3:00 in the morning to be sold fresh.
Problems with overheating and high temperature in the building, which entail large financial effort to cool the object where temperature-sensitive goods are sold. To guarantee appropriate conditions for storing fish, an ice production plant is located within the object, which delivers 20 tons of ice to sales stands on a daily basis. A key issue in this type of an object is to maintain low temperature.
The temperature beneath the roof was lowered by 7°C, which in turn reduced the load of AC systems and energy consumption, improved storage conditions and lowered ice demand. Full waterproofing COOL-R system was applied on inverted roof covered with bituminous membrane. TOTAL AREA - 25,000 m2

Salgado Filho International Airport in Qatar

Fraport AG is one of the leading companies in the global airport business and active at 31 airports on four continents (IPO in 2001). As an airport company, Fraport provides the full range of operational and management services relating to airside and terminal operations.
Mix of different roofs have been waterproofed with COOL-R system: Lado Terra – concrete slab covered with aluminium sheet metal, untreated, with corrosion spots and exposed perforations, tile sheet thickness 0.65 mm Galeria - pre painted metallic sandwich roof (PUR) Lado Ar - concrete slab covered with aluminium sheet metal, untreated, with corrosion spots and exposed perforations, tile sheet thickness 0.65 mm Lado Viaduto - pre painted metallic sandwich roof (PUR) Reservatorio – concrete slab
100% of the problems with leakage have been solved: External temperature before application: average 86,4 ºC External temperature after application: average 34,5 ºC TOTAL AREA: 18,820 m2

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