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Our mission is to support companies to take Sustainable Action Now!
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Reducing carbon intensity of businesses and products is vital if society is to successfully tackle climate change, and if businesses are to meet stakeholder expectations. At Living Business™, we offer expert guidance and support to develop and implement various forms of carbon accounting including setting a path to net zero, conducting product lifecycle analyses (LCAs) and producing environmental product declarations (EPDs).


Once baseline metrics have been calculated, we work with you to create a roadmap or strategy. We work with you to conduct a materiality assessment and use it, together with the metrics, to develop clear and measurable goals and benefits.


Sustainability is rarely, if ever, achieved in isolation. Collaboration with third parties can be a great way to accelerate your sustainability journey and up-skill your staff as they work with experts to deliver a particular aspect of your strategy, whether it be conducting energy audits, implementing an ISO certification, recycling water or attending to the mental health of your workforce.

We access our network across the GCC to identify partners who can potentially support you in getting your strategy off the ground quickly and successfully.


Effective communication of your sustainability strategy and action is critical to successful implementation and to the future health of your business, as external stakeholders expect more from you.

Often corporate change is regarded negatively by employees, making success harder to achieve. By contrast, businesses which become more purpose-oriented can quickly win hearts and minds and tap into hidden energy within the organization. Unlocking this potential requires well thought through communication and engagement at all levels in the organization. With over 30 years of experience in driving corporate change, the team at Living Business™ will support you in communicating that change so that it works.

Living Business™ has been working with the UAE and many of its leading corporates to highlight its sustainability achievements for over 5 years. Working together, we can advise you on how to report your sustainability successes and help you craft your story. Using video, social media, and print, we bring it alive.


We advise clients to adopt a proven benefits realisation methodology to confirm that the benefits at the outset of the projects are being realised.

We can work with you to revisit the expected benefits, ensure they are being delivered and, in areas where they are not, identify corrective action. If delivery is broadly on track, it may well be time to work through the 5C journey again, raising the bar at each stage of the process.