GEOEG Middle East

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Product description

GEOEG is a global pioneer in geothermal foundations. We offer innovative integrated solutions for both structural support, and renewable energy supply of any type of built environment by coupling the structural role of geostructures with the heating and cooling production of the geothermal exchanger in parallel with other renewable energy sources.

At GEOEG, we foster the multiple roles of the underground, a spatial, material and resourceful medium that can support and host structures and infrastructures, as well as provide renewable energy. From this perspective, we developed a multidisciplinary approach allowing to plan, design, and manage it in the most integrated way.Our expertise covers from conventional applications to innovative and complex systems: • Closed geothermal systems (isolated and fields) • Foundation and structural systems • Thermal energy storage systems • District energy systems • Underground thermal characterization • Energy foundations and infrastructures for both structural support and energy supply (energy piles, walls, slabs, tunnels, etc ...) • Systems involving complex physical conditions (thermal, mechanical, chemical, hydraulic, etc

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