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Product description

CryoGenX4 works to immediately improve the kW/ton rating in any treated unit to a rating extremely
near to what it was when new. The results are savings of 10-20% off the current HVACR energy bill,
significantly improving efficiencies, reducing maintenance cost and CO2, and extending the system’s life. CryoGenX4 restores this lost capacity with only a single treatment that lasts for the remaining life
of the system, without requiring any downtime. Typical paybacks are less than 2 years, and it’s covered
worldwide by an insurance policy against all damages caused by CryoGenX4.

Key Features: - CryoGenX4 is a one-time, permanent performance enhancement metal surface treatment compatible with any HVACR system that lasts for the lifetime of the equipment in which it is installed. - Enhances the heat conductivity of the metal itself through electromagnetic heat propagation. By embedding millions of molecular fins into the space lattice of the metal, it helps absorb and dissipate heat at a much faster rate. - Minimum guaranteed savings on the operational cost. Salient Benefits: - Improves thermal transfer through better molecular structure adhesion - Improves lubricity (>490%) and protection on all types of internal metal surfaces - Superior new chemical stabilisers & deactivators to protect internal seals - Eliminates adverse effects due to unintentional cross-contamination - 10-Year ROI averages between 500% – 1,200% - Paybacks range from 6-months to 2-years - Achieves massive reductions in CO2 emissions

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