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Through our fully virtual learning platform, corporations help their managers and employees to develop more resilient and growth oriented mindsets. In a future where the pace of change will continue to increase exponentially, the rise of machines will require reskilling, a global pandemic has upended our daily routines and mental health issues are on the rise, it is critical that managers and employees are able to embrace change and new learning with optimism and confidence. Fusing the power of video, virtual reality, deliberate practice, AI and virtual coaches, we prepare managers and employees’ mindsets for the future of work.

We are well-positioned to partner with potential clients who want to find answers to the below topics: How do I equip my employees with mindsets that will allow them to be successful in the future world of work? How can I make sure that my leaders and managers are reflecting the values of my company in their day to day behaviour? Which specific leadership skills do my managers need to stop/start/accelerate to make them better, more engaging leaders? Do my managers engage their employees in a way that promotes well-being, particularly if they are managing them virtually? Are my managers equipped to spot serious mental health issues and link employees to the support they need? How do I provide evidence of tangible, data driven improvement for my behavioural skills investments?

Client references

Ferring in Switzerland

Global pharmaceutical
We worked with mid-level leaders across different international regions to improve their ability to lead their teams through change, strengthened their personal resilience, understand how to motivate and engage their employees through coaching and introduced a growth mindset culture.
Improved the success of global change projects Employees become more open to and resilient when faced with change Prepared leaders to be more creative and supportive coaches to their teams

Eller Executive Education in USA

Provide customised executive education programs to mid-senior leaders in global companies
We are a strategic partner to Eller Executive Education and have worked with them on a variety of programs targeting leadership & well-being for companies in the Middle East and North America.
Improve Managerial Trust & Empowerment to drive greater productivity Strengthening leaders mindsets to grow & transition Improving leaders virtual executive presence to drive employee engagement

The University of Arizona in Switzerland

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