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Product description

We are a technology, engineering and finance company that uses vendor agnostic engineering to deliver comprehensive energy efficiency & technology upgrades to optimize building energy use. We help building owners, managers, investors & tenants across all building types, sizes and ages to reduce costs, carbon impact & increase asset profitability and value.
We use an innovative paid-from-savings business model with no capital cost for customers. All costs are paid from the savings generated from the project based on performance. We deploy the latest technologies and engineering to deliver comprehensive energy solutions that improve energy & water efficiency, reduce carbon impact and save money. Energy performance contracts allow upgrades to be fully paid for by the savings created by the enhancements. In doing this we reduce the energy expenses of the building, enhance the quality of air, environment & improve the overall value of the asset with no capex from the customers.

A key to a successful partnership with all stakeholders is to understand how to provide customer specific services. Taka Solutions’ service delivery methodology and experience enables us to provide reliable solutions related to energy supply, equipment, assets & energy efficiency. We follow a five step process to ensure energy performance, results, and continuous improvement: Analyze, Design, Implement, Manage & Report. Our process begins with data collection which typically includes: (1) at least 24 months of utility consumption, (2) HVAC & Electricity As Built, (3) Equipment/Asset list, (4) Occupancy Details, (5) Accurate area breakdown, (6) Ventilation Schematics, BMS Details and Equipment/load schedules. Once all the requested information is received, we conduct multiple site surveys to investigate the assets, their operation, and the existing equipment. Our proposals will be turn-key & tailored based on the results of the technical & financial analysis after the site visit.

Client references

Fairmont The Palm Phase 1 & 2 (IFA HZ LLE) in The Palm Jumeirah

Phase 1 of the project is a Guaranteed Energy Performance Contract with IFA. IFA is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and is a worldwide leader in the development of mixed-use hotel and residential resort projects as well as luxury leisure services. The Fairmont Palm is a world class 5-star hotel located on the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. The 381-room beach resort includes a spa, conference center, penthouses and 7 food and beverage outlets. Opened in 2012 it is an iconic landmark on the man-made island that sets the bar for quality guest experience and 5-star luxury in Dubai.
Fairmont Hotel wanted to not only reduce energy consumption and cost, but their overall impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. This in turn causes all guests to have a smaller footprint by staying at the luxury 5-star resort. Due to the nature of the luxury resort there is always a need to maintain comfort, cooling and guest satisfaction 24 hours a day, regardless of occupancy. Coupled with the ‘reverse cash flow’ problem hotels in the UAE face, where the occupancy and revenue is lower due to summer slowdown, but at the same time is their highest energy consumption and costs. For these reasons Fairmont the Palm, and IFA Hotels wanted to take the steps to lead by example and become a high performing asset via a performance-based energy contract. Our scope of work involved an Investment Grade Audit, Concept Design & Specification, Energy and Building Information Modeling, Project Commissioning, Implementation Management, and Measurement & Verification of Savings.
The implementation of the EEMs has resulted in savings of 6,489,089 AED since the project inception and 22,544,777 kWh of energy savings. This energy reduction is equivalent to removing 9,490 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere (as per UAE standard of 0.5kg per KWh), which is equivalent to consuming 21,971 barrels of oil. Since new equipment and technology has been installed and implemented, energy cost savings increase in the Net Operating Income of the building has increased the value of the asset by approx. 25,000,000 AED. This energy savings is about 16% and is roughly equivalent to a 4,517AED cost saving per room. This resulted to Fairmont The Palm and Taka Solutions to be awarded the MENA 2017 Green Building Awards and the 2017 Retrofitech Award.

O-14 Tower (H&H and Creekside Development Company) in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Creekside Development Company is a UAE-based property developer while the property managers H&H offers a wide range of real estate related services from development, property management & leasing, facility management, procurement of furnishings and fittings and interior design. O-14 Tower is a commercial office building located in Business Bay, Dubai. The Tower comprises 23 floors, two podiums levels and four basement parking levels with a total area of 17,519 m2. The building’s unique architecture (exoskeleton) incorporates more than 1,000 circular openings of various sizes acting as a double facade.
Due to the extreme environmental and weather conditions in Dubai, buildings consume large amounts of energy throughout the year. The high temperatures cause systems, consumption and cost to be a large part of most commercial buildings’ operations and expenditure. As with the majority of buildings in Dubai, O-14 had always suffered from high utility bills, particularly during the summer months. The property managers, H&H contacted Taka Solutions to perform an energy audit in order to identify the potential inefficiencies as well as gain a better operational understanding of the key energy consuming systems within the building. H&H looked to benefit from Taka’s expertise and transform O-14 Tower into a high performance asset. As with our standard EPC process, our scope of work included an Investment Grade Audit, Concept Design & Specification, Energy and Building Information Modeling, Project Commissioning, Implementation Management, and Measurement & Verification of Savings.
Taka Solutions performed a fully-financed Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract The successful implementation of four key EEM packages, including lighting retrofit, metering and fresh air handling units, resulted in significant energy savings, reduction of utility bills and asset value increase of over AED 5.2 million. This is equivalent to 42.9% energy reduction against their baseline energy consumption which translates to 434,576 AED cost savings. Furthermore, the successful implementation of the EEMs resulted in a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 545,691 kg resulting in O-14 Tower's environmental footprint being reduced by 36%. With Taka's positive track record in delivering outstanding energy performance contracting, H&H facilitated signing other buildings currently under their portfolio with the same Shared Savings Energy Performance Contracting. The buildings are Green Tower, Falcon Tower, Indigo Tower, Phoenix Tower.

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy - DoE (ADWEA Government Buildings: ADWEA HQ, ADWEA Training Center and TRANSCO HQ) in The Palm Jumeirah

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy was established in accordance with Law No. 11 of 2018 to drive the emirate’s energy transition efforts with a clear focus on creating a sector that promotes economic growth and social development, and environmental sustainability. Their role includes enacting policies and regulations and developing strategies to ensure an effective energy transition that underpins Abu Dhabi’s sustainable growth, all while protecting our consumers and minimising negative impact on our environment.
The project was a pilot of using Financed Shared Energy Savings Performance Contract to achieve energy, cost and carbon savings in the headquarter buildings of the Abu Dhabi Electricity Authorities. The most innovative aspect of this project comes not from a technology or technical aspect, but in the business model, contract and procurement of the project. This is achieved by having a hybrid financed shared savings energy performance contract with a guarantee of savings on a co-investment by DoE. This structure allows the DoE to find a true partner who has ‘skin in the game’ through investment, and leverage the external finance of Taka to allow for scalable expansion of the model without needing the financial infrastructure of the public sector to deliver on their DSM program. Technical innovation was achieved through the use of the Taka Energy Data platform to perform remote monitoring, control, analytics and management of the project.
The nature of the project provides a smart, sustainable, technology driven building which is energy efficient and reduces the waste of energy and water. All of this drives climate change impact by reducing energy and carbon impact of the buildings. The project contributed by laying the foundation for high quality jobs and economic growth by spurring the energy efficiency market and supply chain of Abu Dhabi (and generally MENA region). This helps to create energy savings through innovative delivery, measures and infrastructure both in the technical engineering aspects as well as the business model innovation.

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