Product description

Integrated Facilities Management Services , Waste Management & Recycling Consultancy
| Non Metal Waste Collecting & Processing | Lifts & Escalators Contracting | Environmental Consultants & Studies |
Public Health Pests Control Services | Hazardous Waste Collection & Transport | Buildings Energy Efficiency Services
| Hospitality Services | Lifeguard Services | Construction & Demolition waste collection & Transportation Services, Building Cleaning Services | Facilities Management Services Garbage Disposal Services | Streets Cleaning Services |
Sea & Shore Cleaning Services | Used Lubricants Collecting Services |

The basic information and requirement are collected by the BD- Representative, site visit to be done as per the requirement, understand the process required by the client, Proposal as per the requirement is prepared and sent. if any discussion is required will be followed up. Once confirmation received, client is registered in the system with required documents ( Trade License , VAT certificate, and client representatives details ). Contract prepared and signed by both parties.

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