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Product description

BrainBoxAi uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence saving electricity consumption in buildings by up to 30% , reducing Carbon foot print by up to 40% and increasing occupant comfort by up 60% , BrainBoxAi targets one of the largest carbon contributors – the buildings – and connects to their BMS (building management system).

1. Survey and Site visit : Client completes the Comprehensive Building Survey 2.Pre-Closure : Reseller inputs actual building energy spend via utility bills ,Reseller uses Calc’s Estimate Pages to educate customer on payment and structure.Reseller provides BrainBox AI with Order Form, after confirming with customer. 3. BrainBox Configuration: Client provides “Read-Only” remote access to the BMS system Installation of Gateway if needed ,client reserves 6 Static Private IP Addresses to BrainBox AI for configuration of the box Installation date scheduled. 4. Installation :BrainBox AI connects to the existing network via BMS. 5. Onboarding : * Data Extraction *Data Mapping *6-8 Week Learning Period *Algorithm Assessment *Algorithm deployment *Fine-tuning *Monitoring & Energy Savings Calculations 6.Customer care : Monitoring (incl Performance Dashboards) *Service & Support *Account Coverage *Loyalty & Retention

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