Product description

Desalination, Water and Wastewater Treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge plants. We solve water used for agriculture when the water source has high salinity. Produce drinking water for residential places.

Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Power plants, Pharmaceutical, Industries

Client references

RAECO in Oman

Producing Electricity for Rural Areas
Upgrading and Retrofitting of RO plants by upgrading its energy recovery systems, with complete pressure system, High Pressure pump, Booster pump with VFD, Energy Recovery Device and SS duplex Network
Reduced the power consumption of their desalination plant to 60%

Nile Sugar Factory (Orascom) in Oman

Producing Sugar
Water Treatment Plant, RO Plant, Waste Water Plant, Demi Water Plant
'- Raw Water Treatment Plant 800 m3/hour - Deminerlaization water plant 135 m3/hour, to produce water at 0.5 mmicrons and drinking water treatment plant 10 m3 - Thermal De-aerator plant at 108oC - Oxygen 0.007 ppm - Sewage Water Treatment Plant 240 m3/D

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