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Product description

Beanboat is an eCommerce and direct trade platform connecting family-owned coffee farmers in Colombia with consumers around the world. Beanboat’s business model shifts the profiting entity from the middle-man to the farmer, whilst providing a cheaper end product to the consumer owing to a smooth post-harvest process carried by our team in Colombia. The online platform caters to retail buyers (b2b), complete with fully secure transactions, and b2b clients, who can find information about the technical details of the coffee and request samples directly from the website.

The coffee trade model is broken, the farmers make less while the consumers pay more due to a long list of middle-men in between. By connecting farmers to consumers we increase the profits for farmers and consumers pay less.  Our end goal is to empower producers and farmers making them the owners of their products rather than a forgotten part in the supply chain. Food sustainability and coffee in particular face an impending worldwide shortage due to the effects of global warming. The general attitude towards coffee consumption needs to change, and it starts with enabling and supporting coffee farmers, the ones who make it possible. Beanboat takes that vision and commitment a step further by focusing on family-owned farms and providing agronomical and logistical support. The end goal is to change the current, outdated platform of trade that centers on maximizing the profit for companies rather than workers and end-consumers, into a direct-trade model that is sustainable and fair.

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