Product description

SmartLife is a NGO, licensed by the Community Development Authority (CDA), Dubai. The objective of the organization is to work closely with blue-collar workers in the various labour camps in Dubai and to help them improve their potential and thus the quality of lives through the diverse projects of SmartLife.

Client proposal

SmartReading is in line with the reading initiative of the government and helps semi literate workers to enjoy the pleasures of reading. SmartMedic offers periodic health check-up and addresses wellness in workers. SmartWellness which is an offshoot of SmartMedic filters out hypertensive and diabetic patients from the medical checkup and educates them about the management of their ailments. SmartWoman as the name suggests is a woman-centric project where we teach them to work on hobbies such as sewing, knitting, embroidery, cooking, baking, henna application, dancing amongst several others. The objective is to engage them so they are able to use their available time constructively and also motivate them to learn new skills. SmartBuddy is related to education and offers scholarships for children of blue collar workers in Dubai and children studying in their home countries. Mentoring of these children assumes prime focus in the project. SmartIdol brings out the hidden talent of the workers ranging from singing, dancing to anything that they are adept at. Winners and finalists of the SmartIdol finale become part of SmartBand, giving them an opportunity to perform in corporate events. SmartRelaxation is a project that teaches stretching, meditation and breathing techniques with follow up sessions that keeps the practice a way of life. SmartCup is a cricket tournament where blue and white collar workers are part of the same team vying for the coveted trophy. SmartDistribution is a year-long project, with special emphasis during the holy month of Ramadan, engaged in the distribution of dry foods, hygiene products and similar and collaborating with companies in UAE. SmartComputers teaches them the basics of word, excel, power point and similar. Making them savvy with the use of computers augurs well for their career growth. SmartArabic deals with conversational Arabic and helps appreciate the richness of this local language. SmartElder addresses the segment of blue collar workers who are 50 years and above, teaching them about middle age and old age health problems, how to handle finances, adjusting to growing old, retirement plans, relationships on returning home after a long stint in the Gulf and similar. SmartFitness is to offer them a fitter version of themselves, albeit the fun way, with a weekly session of aerobics, Zumba dancing, just swaying to music, jumps, loops, healthy run etc.� SmartSkills workshop engages with companies to offer training in diverse fields such as MEP, carpentry, painting and similar with the aim of improving productivity in existing employment. SmartLife functions with a sizeable pool of volunteers, united in their mission to give back to society and to derive immeasurable joy from the very act of giving.

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