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Product description

Outgreens, created in 2016 is a thriving waste-to-product business ideally positioned to be part of the solution to some of the main environmental problems facing Egypt today: reducing waste, avoiding pollution, and preventing the unnecessary use of finite natural resources. We aim to contribute to a clean world in which nothing is wasted or left behind. That’s our mission. We do this by focusing on providing comprehensive waste management solutions for organic, solid, and hazardous waste. While also trying to fight excess by displacing more-polluting forms of energy with solar energy. So far, we have incorporated agriwaste recycling since 2016, solid waste recycling, and waste-to-energy (RDF) since late 2018. We cover more ground as we evolve beyond organic recycling.

Our services are based on trial and analysis to deliver perfect solutions for your needs. Outgreens provides all its services based on the client business’s size, requirements, and environmental objectives. Our objective is to provide a realistic & sustainable solution, not just greenwashing. We analyze the data from the waste we collect and share the findings, insights, and options that help the client make informed decisions, alongside the contract draft and all the financial options for their review.

Client references

SC Johnson in Cairo, Egypt

SC Johnson (or SCJ) is an American multinational manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals that include brands like Pledge, Glade, Raid, Mr. Muscle, and many other brands. Their Egyptian unit, Johnson Wax Egypt, is part of a manufacturing and supply chain cluster that also includes the rest of the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Pakistan.
Outgreens helps SCJ becoming a zero-waste operation by collecting, processing, and recycling all the waste that SCJ produces. These waste streams include Finished products, Near-expiry products & quality-rejects, Unused or expired raw materials, Packaging materials, Factory waste, Non-manufacturing factory & HQ domestic waste, and industrial wastewater.
As of March 2021, Outgreens has successfully collected, processed, and recycled 158 tonnes of SCJ products and manufacturing waste. To put this number into perspective, as of June 2020 there were: - More than 17 tonnes of factory waste (contaminated gloves and PPEs) recycled. - More than 32 tonnes of raw material recycled. - More than 34 tonnes of packaging materials recycled. - More than 286,750 contaminated aerosol cans recycled. - More than 22.87 tonnes of industrial wastewater processed. - More than 18 tonnes of non-manfacturing waste (Factory and HQ's domestic waste) recycled.

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