Product description

One Modern World’s mission is to provide alternatives to single use plastic for companies for a greener planet.
We focus on the client and make it our goal to find the best solution for each situation. At the centre of our approach are the client’s requirements which are matched with sustainability criteria as well as product characteristics to best meet expectations.
Our products range from reusable materials such as glass and stainless steel to biodegradable material such as palm leaves and innovations like patented 100% compostable bio-based plastics.
Our multicultural team provides a complete end-to-end solution supporting companies on their sustainability journey.
From reusable and sealed bottles for each guest room in the hotel to jugs for meeting rooms and single-use polyethylene free cups or food packaging.

Our clients are the centre of our service. Ideally we can start with a meeting where we understand current usage of single use items in your organisation and discuss potential solutions to reduce or replace always keeping sustainability in mind. Based on your company's needs we develop a proposal to best meet your requirements and budget while creating positive impact on the planet as well as your clients and employees.

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