Product description

#OfftheBottle is a global initiative led by Liquid of Life, a one-of-its-kind healthy, affordable, and eco-friendly water solutions provider in the UAE. The initiative is centred on the community and driven by a passion to create positive change, working together with eco- partners to share the good news.
● Curate informative content that will make more people aware of the harmful effects of single use plastic
● Ignite action and encourage members of the community to get #offthebottle
● Instil a sense of social accountability first within the residents of the UAE and then globally
● Educate individuals on the actionable steps they can take to create a sustainable environment
● Encourage members of the community to install Liquid of Life filters or other sustainable water alternatives in their homes and offices
● Use social media is an amplifier for social good

Like-minded individuals and businesses can come together in support of a shared cause and global movement for doing good by becoming collaborators of #OfftheBottle. All you have to do is say yes!

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