Feigin Electric Group

Active in  since 2017

Product description

We offer a unique, patented and proven technology for electricity optimization. Our technology delivers 8-12 % immediate electricity savings, increases the life-span of electrical equipment by 60 %, and has a payoff period of 18-24 months.

Learn more: https://www.docdroid.net/UgH360x/feigin-presentation-220207-pdf

On request, subject to NDA, we can offer case studies and reference clients. Our modus operandi is based on working at our client’s terms. Together with our clients, we will develop tailor-made technical solutions and business models adjusted to each client’s unique circumstances.

We are also, in order to always deliver the largest possible energy savings at the lowest possible cost, offering audits free of cost. We also offer free pilot installations to show our system’s true value in reality.

We have business operations in Asia, in the UAE and in the EU/UK. We can take on projects in all these regions.

We can – last but most important for the contribution to a sustainable future – offer sustainability which is almost immediately profitable!

Our patented device - ECOD Smart-Optimizer - is utilizing a revolutionary transformer technology with 99.7 % efficiency. This means that our system is more effective, more affordable, more practical (small, lightweight) and very easy to install (installation takes no more than an hour). Our ECOD Smart-Optimizer is favorable for restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and most energy intensive buildings.

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