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Product description

In Agrona we make wood panels, from agriresidues, without cutting a single tree.
We are not only protecting forests, but we also save the earth gruesome amount of GHGs emissions by stopping burning agricultural residues, to turn them into wood panels to be used in furniture and Construction applications. Here is a quick demo how the process goes: the agri-waste are collected by our suppliers, to be left to dry in the open air, milled to small particles, packed in bales and shipped to our facility. In our facility we mix these raw materials with chemical resins and some products with bio-based resins ( starch emulsion ) then to dry this mixture while thermal pressing and finally we get the board in shape which complies with the European standards. Boards are recyclable also this business could be replicated in most of African countries as we plan to expand our business in future.

For potential clients in the furniture or the construction, it is very important to know what are thier current challenges. How they tackle these challenges and what solutions they rely on. Generally: 1- what are the loads on the desks, shelves, partitions, flooring, etc., 2- Is the application in humid conditions, 3- Is it outdoor or indoor application. 4- do they need a decorative lamination for panels For potential clients in the FMCG sector. it is very important to know how they do packaging and what are thier requirements and their challenges. Also in the retail sector what are the display counters they use and what type of materials they rely on. We can supply them with eco-friendly materials that has low carbon foot print and can achieve the same requirements

Client references

Wabag in Libya

Water Desalination plant in Libya
Our materials are used as floor slabs in water desalination plants in Tubruk, Libya
We have supplied Wabag with 100 sq meters of floor slabs to be used in Tobruk (Libya).

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