Zeroe ignites climate revolution with $2.3mln seed boost

Published on March 8, 2024

UAE-based Zeroe has announced a seed investment boost by the VOYAGERS ClimateTech Fund, taking the total raise to $2.3 million. The funding empowers Zeroe to bring forward the development timeline on its AI-integrated SaaS platform, which intelligently automates carbon emission calculations, saving companies time and money in the process of sourcing capital to fund their transition to net zero.

A Market Responding to Rising Demand for Emissions Transparency

Zeroe is responding to an ever-increasing demand in the market for robust emissions measurement and reporting. As stakeholders intensify their scrutiny on corporate environmental impact, Zeroe’s platform emerges as a critical tool in aligning businesses with these evolving expectations.

Harnessing AI for Sustainable Transformation

With limited available emissions expertise globally, Zeroe leverages AI to rapidly ingest raw data and intelligently map emissions factors, allowing for GHG protocol-compliant carbon accounting at scale.

Accelerating Access to Sustainable Finance

Acknowledging the substantial financial implications of transitioning to net-zero—a challenge estimated to cost trillions globally—Zeroe’s platform is a game-changer. It facilitates easier access to necessary capital by aiding organizations in meeting stakeholder reporting requirements and securing the funding essential for their decarbonization efforts.

Farouk Jivani, Co-founder and CEO of Zeroe shares his enthusiasm: “We’re excited to be VOYAGERS’ second investment in the region, and we believe this investment confirms our push to be a leading solution in supporting organizations to measure emissions and access sustainable finance. We are at the cusp of a new era in corporate environmental responsibility, and we believe Zeroe empowers organizations on this journey.” About Zeroe

Zeroe is a pioneering AI-driven Carbon Management platform from the UAE. It seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing systems to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data. Intelligent mapping and categorization facilitates the generation of comprehensive emissions reports, empowering companies to engage meaningfully with stakeholders and access climate finance on their journey to net zero.


About Voyagers

Voyagers, managed by David Rowan, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired UK, is a Climate-Tech Fund committed to incubating innovative climate solutions. Following a successful $10 million fund closure, Voyagers has invested in a variety of ventures, showcasing its commitment to inclusivity and addressing critical environmental challenges.

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