SHAMS+: Al Masaood’s pioneering solar-powered charging solution

Published on December 5, 2023

Developed by Al Masaood Power Division, SHAMS+ emerges as a homegrown, first-of-its kind solar power charging station for electric vehicles and hybrid marine vessels. SHAMS+ stands out as a remarkable 100% renewable energy source that is not only carbon-neutral but also easily redeployable and demands low maintenance.

This unique characteristic positions it as a critical instrument in our collective efforts to combat global warming. This cutting-edge charging solution is designed to function as a solar power system capable of meeting the battery charging requirements for both electric vehicles and hybrid marine vessels. SHAMS+ features multiple usercapability, providing sustainable battery charging through solar energy at the highest charging speed starting from 25 minutes. The ultra-fast charging solution, coupled with its extensive network of charging stations, aims to cater comprehensively to the battery charging requirements of the automotive and maritime sectors.

Prioritising customer convenience and efficiency, SHAMS+ also operates as an off-grid high-power solution, offering enhanced flexibility and streamlined installation in various urban and rural locations, including agricultural areas, as well as in marine ports and hubs. With this pioneering project, Al Masaood aims to deliver a connectivity-enabled, seamless plug-and-charge experience. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to be at the forefront of electrification and support the rise of green mobility, and hopefully inspire wider adoption of green power and mobility solutions, thereby reducing carbon emissions and helping fast-track the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Strategic goals.

Al Masaood Power, which is one of the country’s oldest specialty businesses in power solutions. Established in 1970, it was the first to bring a world-class electric generator to Abu Dhabi. It is also a pioneer in energy generation, offering leading power brands such as MTU, Leroy-Somer and Volvo Penta generators and aftersales services to the UAE and Bahrain.

Source: Press release

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