Dubai-based Olive Gaea launches corporate app to engage and reward employees for their sustainable behaviour

Published on July 31, 2022

The Newtrl app will support organisations across the region to measure and achieve their climate action goals while rewarding employees for creating a carbon-neutral world

Dubai-based Olive Gaea, the provider of Net Zero solutions to private and government entities, has officially launched the Newtrl app. The company aims to engage and reward employees for their sustainable behaviours and drive corporate success via measurable and fun climate action. 

Officially the first corporate app to bring employees and organisations together on the common sustainability agenda across the MENATI region, the Newtrl mission is to turn single daily behaviours into powerful, collective, and positive climate action to achieve Net Zero emissions and limit global warming to 1.5°C. 

Vivek Tripathi, the CEO and Founder of Olive Gaea, said, “The global climate crisis cannot be solved by governments and businesses alone. The good news is that post COVID-19, there’s been increased research for purpose and climate action: people want to live a more sustainable life. They also expect organisations to take responsibility for their environmental impact.”

“That’s why today, businesses have the unprecedented opportunity to turn this desire for sustainability into powerful, collective action. As the world approaches 7 billion people, almost half of them are employed; employees have therefore an immense potential to fight against climate change.”

According to research by Mastercard, 74% of UAE consumers say companies behaving sustainably is more important than before COVID-19. Furthermore, according to global measurement and data analytics company, NielsenIQ, globally, 81% of consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment.

Adding to this, a recent study of 1,000 employees at large U.S. companies found that 72% of millennials, approximately 75% of the global workforce four years from now, are willing to cut their salary to work for a sustainable company.

From a corporate perspective, an engaged workforce is critical, as it increases productivity and retention rates, reduces absenteeism, helps attract talent, and improves customer happiness.

“While there are many ways to increase engagement, we know that the most effective one is through sustainability initiatives,” added Tripathi.

Newtrl enables organisations to improve their sustainability performance and employee engagement for a carbon-neutral world. Employees can choose to take pledges and tangible actions to make their lifestyle more sustainable and help their organisation achieve measurable carbon reduction targets.

The app provides an easy and fun platform for managing CSR activities, data collection for Scope 3 emissions, and sustainability reporting. It also helps educate employees about sustainability contributing to a positive ripple effect.

“We look forward to working with organisations across the region, helping them to align with the Net Zero targets set at both corporate and country levels, and to engage their workforce in a meaningful, purposeful, and effective way,” concluded Tripathi.

Newtrl is available for download on Apple and Google Play Stores. Organisations can contact Olive Gaea to subscribe to the service. 

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