Aldar launches Sustainable City – Yas Island

Published on January 24, 2023

The new eco-friendly community will feature organic farming, bio-domes and a focus on integrated ‘green’ living.

Abu Dhabi-based developer Aldar Properties is set to develop a fully sustainable community in Abu Dhabi – the move is said to reflect the growing demand for eco-friendly living options.

The development will feature hundreds of condominiums and townhouses and will be powered by clean renewable energy and equipped with bio-domes, solar panels and battery-charged communal vehicles to promote energy efficiency and lower emissions, according to a statement Aldar released to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), where its shares are traded.

The Sustainable City – Yas Island will feature residential units in 10 clusters; the first phase of the project, which will deliver 272 condominiums and 240 townhouses, is expected to open to buyers during a public sale on 19 January 2023.

The development, launched in partnership with Diamond Developers, will be an eco-friendly and walkable community with open green spaces, community farming plots, as well as recycling facilities, which will help lower carbon emissions, and solar panels, which will cut residents’ energy consumption by half, it said.

It will have a ‘central green spine’ that will run the length of the community, featuring parks and lakes, as well as bio-domes, where vegetables will be grown and distributed throughout the district.

To further keep emissions low, the community will provide a network of communal battery-charged buggies and bicycles, enabling residents to move around while their cars remain parked on the outer edge of the development.

According to Jonathan Emery, CEO at Aldar Development, the new project is in response to the strong demand for sustainable living options among “environmentally conscious” clients who prefer a lifestyle that “focuses on low carbon emissions, energy conservation and the fundamental principles of a circular economy”.

He said: “This is a landmark project for Aldar, reflecting our commitment to provide an increasing range of curated living experiences, which our local and overseas customers tell us they want to live and invest in.”

Last year, Aldar announced plans to cut energy consumption by 20% across a portfolio of 80 assets, including hotels, residential properties, retail spaces and schools.

Source: Middle East Construction News, Paul Godfrey

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