Abu Dhabi installs bird boxes and baths to help wildlife through the summer

Published on July 7, 2022

Initiative aims to promote the emirate’s environmental and biological diversity

The Abu Dhabi authorities have installed bird boxes in parts of the capital to provide safe places for the animals to nest.

It has also provided bird baths and feeders for them to get through the hot summer.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport is leading the project, the Abu Dhabi Media Office said on Sunday.

It aims to promote the emirate’s environmental and biological diversity.

Photos of the initiative showed wooden bird boxes hanging from trees in several parks.

Abu Dhabi has long been committed to safeguarding the environment.

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi‘s latest annual report highlighted its success stories.

The 2021 report highlighted the launch of a coral reef rehabilitation project in the region, which led to the rehabilitation of a million pieces of coral reef in the capital.

The agency also released 150 turtles back into their natural habitat.

Source: The National News