Oman: EA to establish national greenhouse gas inventory

Published on January 26, 2024

Environment Authority (EA) is taking a significant step towards environmental sustainability by establishing a national platform to monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

The initiative aligns with Oman’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, a goal set in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement’s target to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Net zero neutrality represents the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emitted and the volume removed or offset from the atmosphere, resulting in a net-zero carbon footprint.

An EA official stated, “In collaboration with Microsoft, the authority convened on Monday to discuss the creation of a national platform for greenhouse gas emission inventory and a unified national digital system.”

The meeting also involved reviewing a specialised electronic system for data analysis and emission inventory.

This platform is a crucial part of the National Zero Neutrality Programme, designed to support Oman’s comprehensive strategy for carbon neutrality. The programme focuses on key sectors like electricity, urban development, transportation, industry, and oil and gas.

“Oman’s carbon emissions in 2021 were estimated at 90mn tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The five main sectors – industry, oil and gas, electricity generation, transportation and construction – are responsible for 95% of these emissions,” the EA official informed.

Oman has developed a detailed plan targeting these sectors. To date, EA has launched 49 initiatives, including 22 in 2023, as part of its national programme for zero neutrality.

Of the 49 initiatives and projects starting from 2021, five are in the oil and gas sector, three in environment and economy, six in infrastructure and housing, seven in electricity, ten in industry, and 18 in transportation.

In 2023, 18 projects were initiated in the first quarter, one in the second, and the remaining in the third quarter.

Additionally, EA organised a series of workshops under the National Zero Neutrality Programme, aimed at implementing sectoral plans for achieving zero neutrality. These sessions were pivotal in formulating a unified action plan, bolstered by innovative projects, to reach interim emission reduction targets.

Source: Muscat Daily