Flotte Hamburg developing “zero emissions concept” with TUHH

Published on May 5, 2022

City-owned shipping company co-operating with TUHH researchers – inland waterway vessels to pioneer alternative propulsion systems

Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG (FLH), which manages the city’s inland waterway vessels, is co-operating with the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) to boost low-emission shipping in the port. This is part of Hamburg’s overall efforts to become climate-neutral by 2050 and slash CO2 emissions on roads, in the air and on water and to meet the targets set by the European Union.

Pooling know-how with TUHH 

Flotte Hamburg’s current environmental strategy is set to become a “zero emissions concept” in co-operation with TUHH’s marine engineering working group (ASM). FLH has already reduced emissions and helped raise the quality of air in the Port of Hamburg by switching to low-emission fuels and using innovative propulsion systems. “The networking of Hamburg’s know-how as well as the scientific monitoring of our sustainability efforts lay the foundation for operating our fleet climate-neutrally,” said Karsten Schönewald, Managing Director of Flotte Hamburg.

Hamburg to pioneer alternative ship propulsion systems

The marine engineering working group has worked on alternative fuels and hybridization for several years and is investigating which types of propulsion and fuel suit which ship. Professor Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Wirz, Head of ASM, noted: “We will help make ‘Flotte Hamburg’ a pioneer of alternative ship propulsion thereby strengthening Hamburg as a centre of research and, above all, protecting the climate.” The knowledge gained through the collaboration will be incorporated into practical operations and will be made available for further research and teaching.

Flotte Hamburg 

Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG has managed fleets in the Port of Hamburg since 2017. It operates, charters out and, if necessary, renews the 50 or so watercraft belonging to the Hamburg Port Authority, the police, the Hamburg Fire Department and the State Office for Roads, Bridges and Waterways. Flotte Hamburg is a city-owned shipping company.

Source: Hamburg News