Dubai Municipality’s new system automates environmental monitoring of facilities

Published on February 20, 2023

Dubai Municipality on Sunday said its new Smart Inspection Programme has automated organising, planning, and overseeing the environmental monitoring operations in industrial and service facilities and development projects.

The new programme will ensure that the owners of these establishments and projects adhere to environmental requirements and standards to enhance their sustainability in line with international practices.

The Municipality aims to complete the automation of all monitoring operations related to environment, health and safety, and food safety.It said the programme will help save time, effort and costs incurred to save the data and records of the inspections.

The Smart Inspection Programme has many features that make the monitoring processes easier. It provides all data by making it possible to view a summary of all inspections, including planned, in-progress, and completed inspection visits.

The programme also facilitates the modification of their details and contact data, adding any new facilities or projects, scheduling annual inspection plans for all inspectors in the system, as well as the possibility of entering and resetting follow-up inspection plans or emergency visits.

Source: Khaleej Times