Updated Water & Wastewater Services Guide Issued In Saudi Arabia

Published on January 1, 2023

The Water Regulator has issued an updated version of the Water and Wastewater Services Guide in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Guide is a reference for service providers, stakeholders, and beneficiaries. It includes rules, rights, and duties that define the relationship between service providers and service consumers.

It also explains the principles that regulate the relationship between them for all consumers.

The Water Regulator has launched an awareness campaign themed “Your Guide” to educate beneficiaries and service providers about their rights and duties through the updated version of the Water and Wastewater Services Guide.

The Guide is available for further information and updates via the official website www.wr.gov.sa or social media accounts @Water Regulator.

It is noteworthy mentioning that the Water Regulator is an official governmental body tasked to regulate services providers of the water sector, based on the provisions of the water law, except for cogeneration services.

Source: Press release

Source: Press release

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