TerraCO2 is a scalable, low-carbon alternative for cement replacement

Published on August 15, 2022

For every ton of Portland cement displaced by a Terra product, a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved.

Today, cement production accounts for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. TerraCO2 replace cement with a climate-friendly, cost-competitive supplementary and alternative cementitious materials that achieve performance parity in their respective categories.

Their ‘Opus’ products, made with abundant, inexpensive, climate-friendly feedstock, use abundantly available silicate rocks that can be sourced from existing aggregate mines close to any major market. This creates a huge advantage because it works at scale, using existing infrastructure.

Terra products can also drive up to a 90% reduction in NOx emissions.

Concrete is the world’s second-most-used material next to water. The production of concrete is 65 times more in volume and 20 times more in mass than steel, its closest competitor. The corresponding CO2 and NOx emissions make supplementing and eventually replacing Portland cement a climate imperative.

The company’s supplementary and alternative cementitious materials scale to meet the immense demands of cement demand and finally makes decarbonised cement a viable, affordable alternative for the industry. They use the most abundant silicate rock materials at the Earth’s surface, representing 90% of the Earth’s rock-based crust and their feedstocks do not emit CO2 or NOx when heated.

Learn more: https://terraco2.com/

Source: Press release

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