BrainBoxAi uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence saving electricity consumption in buildings by up to 30% , reducing Carbon foot print by up to 40% and increasing occupant comfort by up 60% , BrainBoxAi targets one of the largest carbon contributors – the buildings – and connects to their BMS (building management system).

We have the most technologically-advanced food waste digester, LFC Biodigester. It is designed for easy integration into any foodservice operation and helps businesses of all sizes achieve their zero-waste goals. The LFC reduces the expense and mess of disposing of waste food by digesting it onsite. It decomposes waste food at source within 24 hours by using special blend of microorganisms which are replenished once every 12-15 months. Waste is discharged as grey water which is safe to enter sewage system or can be used for plants or back to the machine by treatment. It helps business reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their goals towards sustainability.

At Winnow, we help the food service and hospitality industry cut down on food waste by making the kitchen smarter.

With Winnow Vision, our AI-enabled tool, kitchens can automatically track food waste. Winnow Vision uses computer vision to help chefs easily pinpoint waste, cut costs and save time. The system takes photos of wasted food as it’s thrown away and, using the images, the machine trains itself to recognise what has been thrown in the bin. This means that, over time, food will be thrown in the bin and the data will be captured automatically. This increases data accuracy and ease of use.

BioEnergy was founded as a direct result of a problem encountered by Egypt in 2013, due to the rising of the economic crisis and the issuing of the law that states no fuel subsidies for the Energy Intensive Industries. This lead to an increase of the cost of the production by 150%.
However, this was the start of a new adaptive strategy of the cement industry to cope up with the lack of the imported coal.
Wherever waste is generated and energy needed, BioEnergy is committed to developing profitable and affordable solutions for integrating sustainability with development needs. Moreover, BioEnergy is expanding to cover all three fields: Water, Electricity, Waste. As we are qualified to develop Waste to Energy Plants from the WMRA and Ministry of Environment, Egypt.