Yellow Door Energy offers convenient turnkey solar solutions to commercial and industrial businesses .
Companies can reduce their energy cost and their carbon footprint without providing any upfront capital.
Yellow Door Energy takes care of the financing, design, construction, commisionning, operation and maintenance for the duration of the contract.

Enerwhere designs, builds, and operates the world’s most advanced hybrid microgrids. We aim to reduce our client’s carbon emissions and fuel costs for generating power, while enhancing their reliability and electrical safety. We do this through the use of cutting edge renewable and storage technologies, bespoke engineering, and through the collection and analysis of big data

Currently around 1.5 billion people lack access to drinkable water.  An average person uses up to 80-90% of their daily water consumption from their faucets and WCs. Our water saving solutions like Altered Nozzle saves about 95% water from the faucets giving you an efficient way to hand wash. Also our solution called Propelair, saves about 84% water from a conventional WC by using a mixture of Air and water for each flush making it the most water efficient WC which is also the most hygiene WC.

Green Innova is a Bahraini registered company, specializing in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy since 2013. An ISO certified company in ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, our aim is to contribute towards sustainable projects that promote climate resilience.

STDAMA is an Egyptian EPC that provides different sectors with innovative renewable energy-powered water treatment systems in rural areas and new communities. We provide different sectors with innovative renewable energy-powered wastewater, water treatment & water desalination systems.

GreenishX allows you to find out the environmental impacts of your workplace. You will get the means for building an effective environmental management system and lots of support for engaging the work

Traditional toilet paper manufacturing is responsible for cutting down 27,000 trees globally every single day.
Bambuyu is a range of 100% Bamboo toilet paper which is better for people and for the planet.
By using Bamboo, a highly sustainable & renewable resource, we’re able to help slow down deforestation & take a step towards making our home a better place, for ourselves and for generations to come.
Why Bamboo?
– Highly sustainable: Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing grass and grows 30 times faster than trees.
– Kind to skin: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic.
– Free of harmful chemicals: Our bamboo tissue is free from fertiliser, pesticides, chlorine bleach or fragrances.
– FSC certified source: Our bamboo is sourced from FSC Certified forests.

Solarstone develops, produces and distributes building-integrated solar solutions that replaces the traditional roofing and facade materials.

Solarstone products have been designed in a way that these can be replaced instead of standard roofing and facade material, enabling the roof and facade to be weatherproof and produce energy.

The problem Solarstone is solving is the fact that while the world has taken the direction #gogreen then under the label a lot of resources is being wasted since current solar panels require a standard roof or facade underneath it to guarantee the water tightness. Solarstone thanks to it’s design can reduce the usage of material by 50%. That’s HUGE:

The Scalable CFO is an online platform to fast-track the service processes of getting high calibre professionals and engaging with them safely remotely. The platform reduces the cost and time without compromising on quality. With our initial focus on Finance Professionals, our goal is to become a global go-to platform for addressing all business support service needs of an SME, with a presence in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. In these markets, there are 111 million SMEs that are contributing trillions of dollars to global GDP.

The consulting market fails in that many of the consulting market players do not cater to the SME segment, yet the SMEs are the ones who need the help the most to sustain their business. Poor service levels and financial exclusion from top tier services is prevalent. The problem is that it’s s too expensive to service SMEs with the same calibre and in the same way that the Big4 service larger entities.

Sustainable Mindz is a Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) consulting and provider of a comprehensive and diverse set of professional services to a broad client base.
We understand that clients are at different stages of integrating CSR, and we are committed to improving processes opposed to fixing problems and showing that improving social and environmental practices can have a positive economic impact. We also believe that a tailored service is essential when matching clients’ needs with the right campaigns, strategies, structures and processes.

We provide professional consulting services in a range of practice areas:
• Sustainability assessments, audit & strategy
• Stakeholder engagement
• Happiness in workplace Audits

• Developing & implementing CSR programs (workplace, community, environment)
• Sustainability Communication
• CSR campaigns
• Employee engagement program development and engagement(wellbeing/CSR/green office etc. )