SirajPower completes 1.9MWp solar project at Kings’ School Al Barsha

Published on October 8, 2022

SirajPower has announced the successful deployment of rooftop solar panels at Kings’ School Al Barsha. The firm said the project is expected to eliminate approximately 1.924 metric tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) annually or the equivalent of charging 234,066,133 smartphones.

According to a statement, the project is in line with Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy and the nation’s sustainability goals to increase Dubai’s energy mix to 75% clean and renewable by 2050. The UAE has highlighted education as one of the government’s key priorities as it strives to develop its human capital and create a diversified knowledge-based economy.

As part of SirajPower’s commitment to the nation’s initiatives, the partnership with the school aims to empower youth and raise sustainability awareness in the UAE. Kings School is a British curriculum school for both primary and secondary school students, the statement said.

4,921 solar panels with a capacity of 1.9MWp were installed at the school in four months, well ahead of schedule, the firm said. In addition to reducing carbon footprint, SirajPower’s fully financed solar solutions allow educational institutions, such as Kings’ School Al Barsha, to contribute to fight climate change, it added.

Laurent Longuet, CEO at SirajPower said, “Celebrating another major milestone in our goal to reduce the UAE’s carbon emissions, we are pleased to announce the completion of the installation of the rooftop solar panels at Kings’ School Al Barsha. In addition to allowing SirajPower to continue to expand its portfolio, this initiative reaffirms our commitment to empowering youth and promoting environmental awareness among the UAE’s future generation.”

He added, “In keeping with the UAE’s vision, this project has demonstrated the importance of integrating sustainable energy into education for future generations, providing students, parents, teachers, and the surrounding community with limitless opportunities to learn about sustainability. This solar rooftop project will provide a clean source of power for the school’s community. King’s School Al Barsha is one of many educational projects we manage, and we continue to see an increase in interest from UAE schools looking to transition to solar power.”

As part of the 20-year agreement, SirajPower will manage the ongoing performance, maintenance, and cleaning of the solar energy system, allowing Kings’ School Al Barsha to benefit from green credentials, and deliver a real-life educational experience to its students. By generating its own clean and renewable energy, the school will maintain greater energy independence and combat climate change, the statement added.

“With the newly installed solar panels, the students at Kings’ School will not just be taught about solar systems in class but will also have access to a real-life demonstration and application of sustainable methods on school grounds. The on-site functional solar panel display and experience can help them further their understanding of solar energy and serves as an in-house renewable living laboratory for students,” continued Longuet.

Akshay Khanna, Director of Kings’ Corporate, added that the project is more than just a marketing gimmick. He stressed that it would encourage students to consider how they may enhance their communities.

“Being green at Kings’ School Al Barsha means we make intentional and innovative efforts to reduce our environmental imprint and use resources as efficiently as possible to inspire future generations. This is why we are delighted to be collaborating with SirajPower to use solar energy to power our facilities,” Khanna pointed out.

With other projects in the pipeline to enable the UAE’s vision of becoming carbon-negative by 2050 and as part of this expansion strategy, SirajPower plans to install, commission, maintain, and operate many other Kings’ School facilities in Dubai.

Source: Press release