Sharjah becomes latest emirate to ban single-use plastic

Published on August 29, 2022

Sharjah executive council has announced that it will ban the use of single-use plastic bags and materials from 1st of January 2024.

From 1st October this year, sales outlets in the emirate will have to levy a minimum charge of 25 fils on all single-use plastic bags in a plan to gradually reduce the amount of single-use plastic products used in Sharjah’s shops and restaurants from now until the full ban comes into force.

This follows a similar ban which was enforced in Abu Dhabi and an introduction of a 25 fils charge for single-use plastic bags in Dubai earlier this year.

The Sharjah Executive Council’s ( SEC) decision aims to:

  • Protect the environment from the dangers of plastic pollution and reduce the negative effects resulting from harmful practices
  • Enhance and encourage a culture of environmental protection and sustainability by reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bags and materials, leading to their ban
  • Organise the shift from the consumption of single-use plastic bags and materials, and to provide environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Ensure that multi-use bags and materials are handled sustainably

Over the next few months the council will prepare and begin awareness and educational programmes on the importance of shifting from consuming single-use plastic bags and materials to other sustainable and multi-use alternatives. Businesses will also be responsible for informing customers of the tariff imposed and guiding them to use and providing them with suitable alternatives.

The council will encourage stores to offer reusable products, such as tote and canvas bags, as an alternative to single-use bags. These products will have to meet certain technical specifications and be approved for use by the Department of Municipalities Affairs.

Source: Press Release

Source: Press release