Saudi: NCEC’s pilot project requires firms to file periodic environmental reports

Published on August 16, 2023

The National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) has announced the trial launch of a new platform obliging establishments to submit environmental reports.

The new platform aims to facilitate the process of submitting environmental reports by establishments that have an environmental impact. The platform comes as part of the NCEC’s efforts to strengthen compliance with environmental regulations and enhance transparency in the sector.

The platform allows establishments to submit monthly, quarterly and semi-annual environmental reports, according to the classification of each establishment, in addition to requiring the establishments to provide detailed information on activities and processes that affect the environment, including the utilization of natural resources, waste management and gas emissions.

The Acting Executive Director of Licensing and Compliance Operations, Ahmed Hab Al-Rih, said the new platform was designed to allow establishments to submit accurate and comprehensive reports on a regular basis.

Through the platform, establishments with an environmental impact will be able to provide detailed information about their activities and operations that affect the environment, Hab Al-Rih noted, while confirming that regular submission of environmental reports by facilities is crucial to improving the quality of the environmental performance of each facility.

The platform aims to improve the quality of submitted environmental reports and provide accurate and comprehensive data, as it helps in evaluating the impact of environmental facilities, identify areas that can be improved, and adopt best environmental practices.

The launch of the platform enhances the communication between the NCEC and the establishments, as it will provide a central platform for collecting data and analysing them effectively, so that the relevant authorities will be able to follow up and evaluate the establishments’ performance based on the submitted reports.

This is considered as an important step in enhancing environmental monitoring and access to environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Zawya