RTA unveils plan for delivery sector to transition plan to electric bikes

Published on December 23, 2023

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) unveiled a green initiative targeting delivery companies advocating a migration to eco-friendly electric bikes.

The plan involves enhancing the infrastructure of commercial transport business, reviewing licensing and registration processes, and developing experimental charging stations for electric bike batteries. These measures are crucial to fulfil the objective of maintaining sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly power for these bikes.

Elaborating on the initiative, Muhannad Khaled Al Muhairi, Director of Commercial Transport Activities at RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “This project is a part of the RTA’s ongoing efforts to elevate the efficiency and user experience of sustainable transportation. It seeks to offer more effective and sustainable services consistent with the objectives of Dubai Vision 2030 to reduce carbon emissions by 30%. This initiative also coincides with the Year of Sustainability 2023.

“The goal of this initiative is to broaden and improve the scope of current and future commercial transport services, and accelerate the shift towards zero-emission transportation means. As such, it echoes an enhanced corporate responsibility towards all community segments. “In collaboration with industry experts, RTA has initiated steps to research and develop a prototype e-bike model befitting the job nature of delivery business, thereby encouraging companies in this field to embrace green, eco-friendly transportation means,” he explained. 

“The plan also envisages setting up charging stations across Dubai to serve as enablers of the gradual migration to electric bikes, which will undoubtedly cut operational costs by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. It will also curb the negative driving conduct by using electric bikes, equipped with advanced technology superior to traditional motorcycles, which in turn will consequently decrease incident rates.

“RTA is committed to fulfilling the vision of our leaders and offering optimal solutions for commercial transport activities. These measures will enhance the efficiency of transportation means, and serve the strategic goals of the commercial transport sector,” concluded the Director of Commercial Transport Activities at RTA’s Licensing Agency. 

Source: Press release

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