Naseej collaborates with BIBF to host charitable training session for its employees

Published on April 1, 2024

Naseej BSC (c) , in collaboration with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), recently organised a charitable training session  aimed at promoting community engagement, environmental awareness, and corporate social responsibility.

The training session was centred around a team building activity  where employees collaborated to assemble and re-install bicycles. This activity  fostered teamwork, as well as project management skills that included project planning, decision making, procurement, and time keeping.   At the end of the training session, the bicycles were donated to the orphaned children registered with  the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) of Bahrain.

Naseej’s Chief Executive Officer,  Mr. Amin Al Arrayed underlined  the Company’s dedication to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, as well as the importance of giving back to the community we operate in. On an organizational level, Mr. Al Arrayed emphasised the significance of investing in its human capital  while simultaneously serving the community. Mr. Al Arrayed expressed his appreciation towards his staff for participating in the training session and working towards a noble cause as a team.

The event served as an opportunity for employees to engage in meaningful community service while enhancing teamwork and performance within the company.

Mr. Amer Mohamed Janahi – Chief Operating Officer at Naseej, highlighted the importance of such activities in developing essential skills and fostering a cohesive work environment. He thanked the BIBF for extending this valuable training to its employees. 

On his part, Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh, CEO of BIBF, commended the collaboration between Naseej and the institute, recognising the role of initiatives like the team-building event in driving employee engagement and organisational success.

The charitable training event organised by Naseej and BIBF exemplifies Naseej’s commitment to social responsibility, community engagement, and environmental sustainability.

Source: Press release

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