L’Oréal Egypt launches the 2nd edition of it’s supplier sustainability summit

Published on September 5, 2022

Following L’Oréal Group’s announcement of its new sustainability program “L’Oréal for the Future” in 2020 and the latest set of ambitions for 2030, L’Oréal Egypt today holds the closing ceremony of the 2nd edition of L’Oreal Supplier Sustainability Summit in Egypt, in attendance of Mr. Benoit Julia, L’Oreal Egypt Managing Director, and virtual attendance for H.E Dr. Rania Al Mashat, as well as numerous suppliers who exchanged sustainable manufacturing technologies in achieving sustainable development objectives.

In her speech, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, said: “Ensuring a comprehensive and effective economic growth requires adherence to sustainability standards, especially by the private sector, which is one of the main drivers of growth. By this means, the Egyptian government is working on many aspects to expand private sector’s role in achieving sustainable and inclusive development and promoting innovation, as it believes that the private sector is a key partner in unlocking the potential of the Egyptian economy.” She highlighted that Egypt places green transformation at the top of its priorities, and integrates climate action into all development aspects, as it is not possible to achieve sustainable development without taking into account the promotion of climate action. She explained that in light of Egypt’s hosting and presidency of the COP27, Egypt launched the National Climate Change Strategy 2050. It also announced its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), to reduce emissions, within the framework of achieving the National Development Vision 2030 to ensure a green, fair and inclusive transformation.

Al-Mashat indicated that, for this purpose, the Ministry of International Cooperation is working with multilateral and bilateral development partners to encourage the private sector to follow environmental, social and governance standards (ESG), through development financing and technical support, in a way that stimulates impact investment, enhances the sustainability of value chains, and creates stimulating partnerships for inclusive growth between the public and private sectors. She pointed out that in 2020 and 2021, the private sector received $4.7 billion in development funds from development partners, representing 23% of the total development funding settled by the ministry for development projects.

L’Oreal Egypt launched its 1st Supplier Sustainability Summit in Egypt last year, uniting all suppliers to join L’Oréal’s sustainable journey and adapt more sustainable practices in their business model.  As a pioneer company to tackle the topic of the point of sales production materials (POSM) and its transformation towards sustainable practices.

There was a series of diversified online and offline activities carried out since 2021 in order to open up the path for insight, interaction, co-creation, and engagement with the suppliers. To lead the change in Egypt and to onboard L’Oréal Egypt eco-system, focusing on suppliers as phase 1.

In April 2021, L’Oréal Egypt launched its first “Supplier Sustainability Summit” to onboard and empower its suppliers and strategic partners to achieve the 2030 vision, and L’Oréal’s ambitious targets.

-     To share “L’Oréal for the Future” vision & KPIs

-     Raise awareness, upskill, and share expertise with suppliers

-     Onboard suppliers towards more sustainable practices

During his speech, Mr. Benoit Julia, L’Oréal Egypt’s Managing Director, stated: “We are proud today to celebrate the suppliers early adapters through our second edition of the Supplier Sustainability Summit, who joined L’Oreal journey and interest in implementing eco-friendly approaches and utilizing environmentally friendly materials in their products.

Benoit highlighted L’Oréal focuses its efforts on implementing sustainability in all the countries in which it operates. And its role in supporting Egypt’s efforts in environmental sustainability through targeted initiatives that are in line with L’Oréal’s strategy “L’Oreal for the future” and which they work to be a catalyst for change by empowering suppliers aiming for a better environment.

At the Supplier Sustainability Summit, L’Oréal introduced a new platform for suppliers to publicly discuss the implementable change that could make the entire POSM production process more sustainable, through respecting the 14 Golden Rules that reflect “How L’Oréal Is Pushing POSM Suppliers to Become More Sustainable”.

During the 1st L’Oreal Supplier Sustainability Summit, which was attended by more than 80 suppliers, L’Oréal shared its vision to reach 100% eco-design for its “POSM – Point of Sales Merchandising Materials”, and become the pioneer company in introducing eco-design concepts in Egypt, with the aim of reducing resources’ usage and waste.

The L’Oréal Egypt Supplier Sustainability Summit is also aiming at creating a platform to develop and discuss the different stakeholders’ efforts that contribute to achieving the SDGs, hammering on the challenges faced by the environment, and its impact on climate action; most importantly, the crucial need to engage the private sector and onboard their eco-system to achieve tangible changes.

The 2nd edition of the Supplier Sustainability Summit took place in March 2022, and was dedicated to the early adapters who strive to join the sustainability journey. Furthermore, the summit was led by the L’Oréal team and Mr. Hesham El Essawy Founder and CEO of HEDS Designs & HEDS Academy, and it was divided into three parts: theoretical sessions, practical execution, and evaluation. The aim was to support and join the suppliers’ transformation journey towards becoming more sustainable. During the closing ceremony, the suppliers had the opportunity to showcase their sustainable operations and methods for implementing their transition, and they were commended for their efforts.

Hesham El Essawy Founder and CEO of HEDS Designs & HEDS Academy commented, “L’Oreal is an example of a true Sustainability partner of success, not only with us in HEDS as a sustainability-based Design Solutions consultants, but with all other business partners from suppliers and manufacturers in Egypt. We are proud this year of our success in taking part in implementing L’Oréal’s vision of sustainable development through creative collaboration, training and development, to achieve impressive and sustainable results. We hope to continue the same approach locally with L’Oreal to keep pace with Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development, and globally at the COP27 conference” The sustainability strategy “L’Oréal for the Future” lays down the Group’s set of ambitions for 2030, taking a specific tracks approach, accelerating its internal transformation, and empowering its external business ecosystem. L’Oréal is committed to working with its partners to deal with urgent social and ecological challenges, promote more sustainable consumption, and protect the planet for a better tomorrow.

It is worth noting that L’Oréal Egypt has been committed to achieving sustainability since 2013 with the inauguration of its factory in Egypt, located at the 10th of Ramadan city. The piece of art factory with 50 million euro investment, and export hub factory to MENA region, was awarded twice by the FEI due to its sustainable practices implemented. Furthermore, L’Oréal proceeded with various initiatives, such as its efforts in developing PCR packages instead of virgin plastic in hair care products, as well as reducing the company’s carbon emissions by -41%, water waste by -24%, and waste by -45%. The factory also completed the first phase of its renewable solar panel station in 2020, with a target to reach neutral energy by 2025.

Source: Press release

Source: Press release

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