Klarna partners with Good On You to launch Sustainable Collections

Published on February 13, 2022
  • Klarna’s Sustainable Collections are curated in collaboration with Good On You, the world’s leading sustainability rating platform for fashion brands. 
  • Featuring 23 different clothing brands in the Klarna App, the collections will bring greater awareness to environmentally and ethically friendly apparel to all customers. 
  • Partnership builds on the commitments Klarna made in 2021, to continue to drive positive change for the planet through insights and awareness. 

New York, NY – February 2, 2022Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, today launched its first set of ongoing shoppable Sustainable Collections in the Klarna App in partnership with Good On You, the world’s leading sustainability rating platform for fashion brands. The collections will bring greater transparency about sustainable apparel to consumers, helping them to discover and make informed shopping decisions with actionable insights.  

Today, consumers are increasingly looking for more socially and environmentally friendly apparel. Around 88% of consumers would like brands to help them make more ethical choices, but an overwhelming amount of information makes shopping their values a challenge for many consumers. 

Good On You brings together the most reliable sources of information on sustainability and presents it in clear and accessible ratings, empowering consumers to shop mindfully with confidence. Evaluating 500-plus data points, Good On You assesses the most critical social and environmental issues facing the fashion industry today to evaluate a brand’s impact on people, the planet, and animals—rating each brand on a five-point scale ranging from “We Avoid” to “Great.” Read more about Good On You and its brand rating methods here

The first set of collections feature 23 clothing brands, including Asket, Pangaia, Lucy & Yak, Mara Hoffman, Nudie Jeans and many more. All of the brands included in Klarna’s Sustainable Collections today and in the future will have received top scores from Good On You for their sustainability track records. Shop the collections here.

To inspire consumers across shopping verticals, the Klarna App curates a variety of shoppable collections which can be accessed from the homepage of the app. This includes Klarna’s Sustainable Collections, where users can now tap through to browse and shop the featured products. 

The collections follow the launch of Klarna’s carbon emissions tracker last year, one of the largest-ever awareness-raising efforts on carbon footprints based on consumer reach, to introduce CO2 data on a worldwide scale and provide shoppers with an average kgCO2 value for each purchase. This year, Klarna plans to expand the tracker to include CO2 emissions at the product level, enabling like-for-like comparisons on specific items. The Sustainable Collections represent a further step by Klarna to provide consumers with insights and shopping inspiration for environmentally and ethically friendly apparel, leveraging Klarna’s vast consumer reach to bring greater awareness to top-rated clothing brands. 

David Sandström, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna: “Our vision is to empower consumers to vote with their wallets to enact change. As a first step, we gave users insights into the environmental impact of their shopping with our CO2 tracker. Now, we are giving consumers powerful tools to act on this knowledge and inform their shopping choices. We are beyond excited to be teaming up with Good On You to curate ongoing Sustainable Collections in the Klarna App. As leaders in sustainability-driven insights, Good On You make for an excellent addition to the Klarna App, helping our consumers discover ethically conscious brands and empowering them to make a real impact.”

Kathy Kearns, Head of Enterprise at Good On You: “The fashion industry urgently needs to make progress to address its impacts on people and the planet. At Good On You, we believe that shoppers have significant power to hold brands accountable, but with pervasive greenwashing, it can be challenging for consumers to see through all the sustainability spin. Klarna shares our vision for making insights about sustainable fashion more accessible to consumers so that they can make more informed purchasing decisions. Today’s launch of the Sustainable Collections will help even more consumers around the world better understand the impacts of brands so that they can shop mindfully with confidence.”

Shopping behaviors show that consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable goods and using their spending power to effect the change they want to see for people and the planet. Global research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows a 71% rise in the popularity of searches for sustainable goods over the past five years. Klarna’s 2021 reopening report also found that there is a growing demand for ethically sourced products, with 35% of consumers in the US placing sustainability in their top 5 considerations when shopping.  

Klarna’s Sustainable Collections are live in the Klarna App today. The first set of collections are available to shop now in the US, Sweden and Germany until the end of April. New sets of Sustainable Collections will be launched throughout the rest of 2022 and will also extend to more regions. 

Source: Klarna.com

Source: Press release