Kitopi partners with Fresh On Table to embrace sustainable sourcing

Published on August 8, 2023

Multi-brand restaurant chain Kitopi announced on Monday its partnership with UAE-based agri-tech platform Fresh On Table to source fresh local ingredients from nearby farms.

The partnership, in line with the chain’s efforts to further its sustainability initiatives, will help Kitopi reduce the need for storage or the use of chemicals typically employed in preserving imported produce.

By sourcing fresh and nutritious produce locally, the restaurant chain also reduces the need for extensive transportation and eliminates food miles.

This not only ensures that consumers receive high-quality dishes but also helps minimise CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation.

Kitopi: Local sourcing for sustainability

Kunal Gupta, the Senior Director of Supply Chain, said: “By embracing sustainable sourcing practices, Kitopi can achieve a range of benefits like lowering tons of CO2emissions, millions of food miles saved, and much fresher ingredients for our consumers.”

Atul Chopra, Founder and CEO of Fresh on Table, said by sourcing fresh local ingredients, Kitopi will not only contribute to a better planet to live in but also have a clear differentiator of delivering maximum nutrition with minimum emissions to its discerning customers.

“We also believe it will be a major boost to local farms, enabling them to produce more and further support the nation’s food security mission,” he said.

Founded in 2019, Fresh on Table’s advanced technology platform integrates seamlessly with Kitopi’s operations, providing comprehensive traceability of sourced produce. This will allow the restaurant chain to track the origin and journey of the ingredients and also generate real-time data on CO2 emissions and food miles saved.

Source: Arabian Business

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